Bigg Boss 9 Day 12 Episode 12 23rd October 2015: New Double Trouble Room; Selfie Beauty Task – Watch Video


Bigg Boss 9 Day 12 Episode 12 23rd October 2015: The housemates woke up to the song Chinta Ta Ta. Today, the most controversial celebrity TV reality show of India will surprise the contestants with some new stuff. It includes a double trouble room and a selfie beauty task. If you haven’t seen yesterday’s episode, then click here. (read: Shaandaar review.)

Utilizing and playing fully with this season’s theme, Big Boss revealed the all new surprise in front of all the BB9 contestants that the show has included a double trouble room comprising of two sound proof booth type rooms.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 12 Episode 12 23rd October 2015

It will work like this. Every week, BB will call two contestants in those booths and ask one question to each of them. They will have to answer by pressing the buzzer. Their decisions will reflect in the changing atmosphere at every time. Prior to answering the question, they will be made to wear headphone so that they won’t be able to hear if the other participant has pressed the buzzer or not. (see: Raju Gari Gadhi collections.)

The first two contestants who have been chosen to participate in the task are Aman and Kishwer. Today, they were brought up in the room. Bigg Boss told them that they can free other inmates, given on the following terms and conditions. (more: Kanche box office.)

  1. If only one of presses the buzzer, the whole house will be freed.
  2. If both of them pressed the buzzer, the boothmates will be tied up again.
  3. If none presses the buzzer, they will be bonded with another pair, while the rest of the mates will be freed. (also: Kanche review.)

Kishwer and Aman inside ‘Bigg Boss 9’ Double Trouble room | Bigg Boss 9 Day 12 Episode 12 23rd October 2015

Update: Only Aman pressed the buzzer, thus inmates got freed up from the compulsory tied-up thing. (read: Shaandaar collections.)

While competing for the title of captain, Kishwer was made to tag the housemates with various tags. After a thought, she tagged Rochelle as Rule Breaker, Arvind as Boring, Aman as Unhygienic, Vikas as Kaam Chor, Mandana as Fake, and Prince as Entertainer. Rest were fine, but Mandana looked upset after being tagged as Nakli.

Later in the day, a new task was introduced named “selfie beauty easy”. In this task, all the housemates will be divided into two groups / teams in which one team will take selfies while another one will have to distract them from doing their job but without physically touching them. Whichever successfully clicked four photographs without any opposition team member in the frame was declared as the winner. (check: Shahrukh Khan Fan Logo.) Rochelle and Kishwer ended up having some intense and heated conversation with arguments. Later on, Mandana and Rochelle were seen discussing the temper of Kishwer and how Suyyash comes forward to defend her in such situations. (also: Brucelee collections.)

Bigg Boss 9 Day 12 Episode 12 23rd October 2015

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