Bigg Boss 9 Day 16 Episode 16 27th October 2015: Kishwer-Aman In Verbal Spat

Bigg Boss 9 Day 16 Episode 16 27th October 2015: Today’s episode witnessed Kishwer and Aman getting involved in a verbal fight and they ruined the atmosphere of the house by turning it into a battleground. Let’s see what caused this incident and what were its consequences. (check: Shaandaar collections.)

The contestants woke up to the song of Shiva – Taandav. The housemates got a signal that the upcoming day would bring some dramatic happenings. Suyyash was spotted re-thinking about the things told to him via Bhavishyavaani task. Then, he re-iterated the statement of Rochelle which hinted Prince as a fake person. However, Vikas advised him to not fight with Prince under any situations.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 16 Episode 16 27th October 2015

Suyyash Rai and Prince Narula

Then, Big Boss announced the Friends Page task in which Suyyash and Prince were to compete against each other. In it, they were asked to update their status on a board using magnetic alphabets and then attract supporters for them.

Those supporters will be among the housemates. If they feel attracted towards any of the two, then they were to place their pictures next to them. Kishwer was appointed as the supervisor as she was attracted towards both of them to ensure a fair play. (read: Kanche collections.)

The inmates were provided with the options to like or dislike and even ask candidates about their journey to this show and till now in the  house. Adding to it, Candidates were provided with the power to block any of the housemates if they were found breaking any rules, but upon the request to the supervisor. The winner will get to become the captain following Kishwer while the loser will get nominated for the next week. (even: Pune vs Kerala.)

Status Message on Prince Narula’s Friends’ Page | Bigg Boss 9 Day 16 Episode 16 27th October 2015

Upon the ringing of the buzzer, both the candidates head up straight for their task. (more: Kumkum Bhagya.)

Status message on Suyyash Rai’ Friends’ Page – bigg boss 9 27th Oct. 2015

Later in the day, the task appeared to get more intense. It observed a verbal spat between Kishwer and Aman. Utilizing the power to question any of those two candidates, Keith asked Prince who would he like to gang up with from Suyyash and Kishwer and will it continue even if he becomes the new captain. While, Rochelle asked Suyyash about the morning fights.

Aman Verma

Later in the day, Aman asked Suyyash why he felt that Aman was negative by any means. Aman justified himself by saying that he even nominated himself and saved Kishwer, his girlfriend. Just as her name came in, she jumped into the conversation and attacked him that he did it only because to ensure his safety as she sacrificed her luggage for him. She defended his boyfriend. Aman tried to stop her citing that she is the supervisor, but she said that being the captain of the house, she can do whatever she wants to do.

Kishwer Merchantt – Bigg Boss 9 Day 16 Episode 16 27th October 2015

The housemates got irritated by her interference. Rochelle even complaint to biggboss for her interference in spite of being the supervisor. It even lead to fight between Prince and Kishwer which eventually lead to overflowing of the tear tank. When Prince tried to sort out the whole matter, Suyyash came in between to consol her and told Prince that now she feels okay.

Aman and Kishwer have a showdown – bigg boss 9 episode 16

With the course of the time, the task continued till night raising several questions, frustration, and anger. The housemates started getting angry because they didn’t get enough sleep. Suyyash made a personal attack on Prince saying that he was unable to count the number of zeroes in the bidding amount during the nilami task. It angered Prince.


That’s all for today Bigg Boss 9 Day 16 Episode 16 27th October 2015. Let’s see what the next episode brings for the audiences and the housemates. Stay tuned for more news and keep visiting. Don’t forget to share with your friends over social media sites using the sharing buttons present below.

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