Bigg Boss 9 Day 17 Episode 17 28th October 2015: Prince vs Suyyash For Captaincy, Mandana Called Prince-Suyyash Immature Kids


Bigg Boss 9 Day 17 Episode 17 28th October 2015: The conditions in the house are getting further worse day by day, contestants are seemed to be annoyed by the dance task which they have to perform at the unusual hours. According to the terms, Prince and Suyash followers should dance in the preferred area to the song ‘Aaj Ki Party’ and ‘Gallan Godiyan’. (see: Manchester United vs Middlesbrough.)

Mandana Karimi

After getting awoken unintentionally to the song ‘Mai Khiladi, Tu Anari’, Mandana throws another controversial statement in the favor of Prince and Kishwer. She said that, as per her thoughts, it no more matters who becomes the captain from them. According to her, both falls under immature kids category.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 17 Episode 17 28th October 2015

Yuvika was seen uttering to Vikas about the recent fight took place between Prince and Suyash, and now they do not much like seeing each other. Mandana is in favor of Suyash and said that she wants to maintain peace with Kishwer and Suyash so she would support him at the first place.

Aman Verma, Prince Narula, and Vikas Bhalla – bigg boss 9 28th Oct. 2015

When Mandana described Prince fake, it became a topic of discussion b/w Rochelle and Mandana. In the meantime, Rochelle took Prince’s side and supported him with the notion that he is a friendly person and became a good friend with Suyash and Kishwer soon after entering the house. Vikas look a bit confused in the saga, he was uniformly switching through his words. He commented about Aman that he should keep his dirty tricks to himself, and not use them on other housemates.

After waiting for quite some time, the time came when Kishwer announced the dance task winner. The champion got an additional person in the form of a permanent supporter. Prince told Rochelle that he wanted to keep his friendship with Suyyash even outside the house. Both of the candidates are looking for the support as much as they can in view of the luxury budget task is coming quickly. Digangana warned Kishwer that Prince may turn into a worse after becoming the captain.

Kishwer Merchantt and Suyyash Rai – Bigg Boss 9 Day 17 Episode 17 28th October 2015

Kishwer has started making fun of housemates when they break the rules as her captaincy term is going to end soon. While in a carefree zone, she ended up fighting with Rochelle over a coffee. She offended when Kishwer mispronounced her name and taunted her without any good reason during some conversation. Rochelle told this stuff to Keith and he tried to cool her down, but she did let him know that if this happens again, she will make a nasty comment on her for sure. (also: Man City vs Crystal Palace.)

Bigg Boss 9 episode 17

Before concluding the day, Bigg Boss called all the contestants in the living room and gave them some advice. He told all of them about their weak performances during the luxury task and it was not appreciatable. BB told them to boost their game and skills as it is going to be difficult now on.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 17 Episode 17 28th October 2015 came to an end with a conversation between two – Prince and Keith about Rochelle. Boyfriend Keith requested splitsvilla 8 winner, Prince to take care of his girlfriend. Just after switching off the lights, Rochelle and Keith were snapped having a conversation over Mandana’s fondness towards Kishwer and Suyyash and her side changing stuff.

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