Bigg Boss 9 Day 18 Episode 18 29th October 2015: BB9 Updates; Rimi Sen’s Marriage Plans


Bigg Boss 9 Day 18 Episode 18 29th October 2015: Today’s episode which aired on Colors TV at 10:30 pm showed the following BB9 updates. It included the some portion of the personal life as told by Rimi Sen to Yuvika Chaudhary and Mandana Karimi. Further, she opened up about her wedding plans. Check out if she is getting ready to get married or not.

The contestants woke up to the song Chota Bachchan Jaan Ke. Hearing to it, the housemates wondered what’s going to be next. Every candidate inside the house for the BB9 trophy knows that the show’s nature is unpredictable. Even knowing it, Keith purposed Prince that he will be his side always even if the entire inmates go against him. Further, he told him that he considers him as his younger brother.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 18 Episode 18 29th October 2015

After that conversation, Prince was spotted sorting out the differences and cleaning the air with Kishwer. He told her that he don’t want that her and Suyyash relation to get affected because of his fight with Suyyash. However, Kishwer told him that she felt unfair when Prince accused her of being biased towards her boyfriend.

Keith Sequeira consoles Rochelle Rao – bigg boss 9 episode 18

Rochelle cried before her boyfriend Keith as she felt hurt because of Mandana’s attitude. He consoled her. Further, she told him that Mandana didn’t even notice her presence and said that she has changed overnight. He tried to console her by saying that this game is just for a few months and after it, their normal life will restart.

Later in the day, afternoon, Bigg boss announced another luxury budget task titled ‘Ssshh! Bachcha Jaag Jayega’. As per the rules of this task, the contestants were asked to remain silent at all and weren’t meant to make very small noise. But, they can react only if they see a selected inmate suffering through immense pain. If anyone of them make noise, then the child will start crying and it means that housemates will lose points. The task started with the red light and ended when the lights stopped flickering.

Prince Narula pours a bucket of ice on Digangana Suryavanshi – Bigg Boss 9 Day 18 Episode 18 29th October 2015

Mandana initiated the task. She had to wear a party head which was continuously pulled and released to her chin. The second person to brave it was Digangana. She got to accept ice bucket challenge. Prince poured five buckets full of ice water on her. The third victim was Keith. He was made to get repeatedly kicks on his read end.

Keith Sequeira during the budget task

In between the task, they got some free time. Rimi, Mandana, and Yuvika utilized it in spending quality time with each other and discussing about their personal lives and marriage plans, love and kids.

Rimi told both of them that she had only one relationship and that too for 8 years. But, eventually it came to an end. She also admitted that she hasn’t thought of having her own children at this point of time.

Further, Rimi told Keith that she is confident that she will not be kicked out the show at least this week. Suyyash supported her and told that she will win the BB9 title.

Then, the contestants moved back to their task and completed it successfully. Vikas and Rochelle were made to stand at one end of the table tennis and one girl smashed tennis balls onto their faces.

Rochelle Rao and Vikas Bhalla during task – updates Bigg Boss 9 Day 18 Episode 18 29th October 2015

Suyyash faced the most painful task of today. He was required to sit on a chair without any noise and Yuvika was made to wax his legs. However, he silently complete the task but on the other hand, the housemates teased him as ‘Nayi Naveli Dulhan’.

Suyyash Rai gets his legs waxed as part of luxury task – bigg boss 9 29th Oct. 2015

After everyone complete the assigned task, then they were awarded with a luxurious budget.

At the end of the Bigg Boss 9 Day 18 Episode 18 29th October 2015, Keith realized that Kishwer’s changing attitude and temper are the results of the prevailing circumstances and she doesn’t mean anything intentionally. While, Suyyash started mixing up and understanding Mandana more clearly.

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