Bigg Boss 9 Day 23 Episode 23 3rd November 2015: BB9 Updates; Hotel Task Pissed Contestants


Bigg Boss 9 Day 23 Episode 23 3rd November 2015: Below are the highlights of what happened today on the show which involves the nasty play by Mandana and Rishabh; the housemates visited a hotel where its wine and dine their life a little difficult; the first wild entrant still made lots of tears fell down and some drama because of him and the inmates had some fun too. Yesterday, nominations took place in a very different way where the fellow participants presented stupid reasons for nominating others.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 23 Episode 23 3rd November 2015

  • Bang on target! Mandana and Rishabh play it nasty! Made time tougher for other contestants.

bigg boss 9 3rd Nov. 2015

Today, the show witnessed a high temperature inside the house arising from the drama by Rishabha Sinha. This was done to create friction among the mates. Some masala even made the audiences go ROFL while some part was disgusting. However, it was an entertaining one.

Tasks in BB9 are meant to have fun which can’t be done without the involvement of little push and irk which fellow candidates to one another. The contestants of the BB9 got really annoyed with the demands of the demanding guests at the hotel. Except Mandana and Rishabh, everyone was donned in hotel dress. The two of them acted like the guests there. (check: Guddu ki Gun, Titli, and Main Aur Charles 5 days collections.)

The contestants were given the responsibility to run a 7-star hotel. The house was managed to give it the look of the same. Prince was made the manager of the hotel for being the captain of the house.

Prior to this hotel task, Big Boss called two of them in the confession room and gave them a secret task. BB told them to target two of the remaining contestants and make them do so much work that they forgo their assigned task. First Rishabh and Mandana had a lot of conversation regarding this stuff and ended with three names.

The targetted list of candidates included Kishwer. She was made to do totally different which any of them had never ever done.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 23 Episode 23 3rd November 2015

  • Rishabh created more drama, war, tear shredding.

The entry of the wild card entrant, Rishabh has made the show to go upside down and added a lot more drama to the ninth installment of the most controversial show of Indian television. However, it had made the housemates handle the things in a better way.

In the meantime, the BB9 house is getting heated up with the course of the time. It followed unexpected and unnecessary provocation inside the house due to which several housemates broke down.

Well, Mandana and Rishabh did their best to check out the tolerance level of their fellow participants especially those three which the they chose.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 23 Episode 23 3rd November 2015

While the pulling and pushing were going on, Suyyash came in between to protect girlfriend Kishwer. But the guests didn’t stop there, they even picked him to the extent that Suyyash quit the task and started crying. Well, he cried twice. On the Prince who is known for his short temper, didn’t give a thing to the bullying done by the guests. (see: Khatron Ke Khiladi season 7 contestants.)

Digangana was also pulled in. Rishabh tried to play dirty, but Diggy pulled herself out of the task with great ease. However, she started doing the task assigned to her, but later on pulled off soon. This showed that the inmates have at least some fire inside them as compared to their dull performance.

  • Chehra kya dekhte ho!

bigg boss 9 episode 23

Everybody know that each and every girl likes to doll up the best they can. If someone tells them to not to do so and wear out the makeup, then it may result in some serious fight. However, Rimi agreed to do it without any second thought. Guests asked her to do that and she did it. It was a complete shocker for them.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 23 Episode 23 3rd November 2015 aired on Colors TV at 10:30 pm. Stay tuned for latest BB9 news and updates. Don’t forget to share.

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  1. Salam Salam with my due respect for you and the show Big Boss
    what Kishwar did by spitting in the glass of water given to Reshabh is bad she should be stripped off from every thing she is entitled to from Big Boss and thrown out of the Big Boss I pity her boyfriend what she can do to him after they are married A dangerous women He should be caeful of her

    • Does Rishabh know what Kishwar did to the glass of water given to him Disgusting Rishab should slap Kishwar her for doing such a dirty act I hope my message is not ignored and Kishwar is taken to task She is dangerous to keep in the house She can do anything

      • rishi: Bigg Boss kar raha hai yeh sab. Its all scripted. I hate Mandana that bitch. She should leave for Afghanistan. This show is bakwas. I detest Bigg Boss and Salman.

  2. I detest Mandana. She should return to her hometown Afghanistan. Fucking BB, everyone hates this show. Salman is really detestable.

    • I love Mandana. She is showing her real character from beginning. Others r nakaali. I hate prince, yuvaka,remi now they r showing their real character. I lovemandana.

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