Bigg Boss 9 Day 25 Episode 25 5th November 2015: Captaincy Task; Roch-Rishabh Fight; Prank


Bigg Boss 9 Day 25 Episode 25 5th November 2015: If one has to describe today’s day inside the Big Boss house, then ‘Aaj Na Chodunga Tujhe’ tagline suits it the best, and pretty much the same happened on Day 25. A competition task held today meant to select a new captain, to serve the house, was kinda action. (read: Earthquake in Lahore.)

Mandana and Rishab were the contenders, last task winners. In case, you memorize of the last task, you would still know that these two housemates played selfishly, neglecting the hardships being faced by other mates. The karma returned to them, and now they were helpless.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 25 Episode 25 5th November 2015

Captaincy Task Brief – Two opponents, facing each other, standing on a wooden plank over the pool and they had to make the second contender fell in the water with the help a long stick. They were allowed to play with the stick as per their wishes. It had five rounds to play, one who succeeded to stand on the plank more times and making his opponent fell into the water, would win and announced as the new captain. The show is known for its unexpected twists and turns, during the captaincy task, BiggBoss asked Many and Rishab to choose anyone from the housemates to represent them in the challenge in the place of his/her presence (only if they want).

bigg boss 9 5th Nov. 2015

As you may know, Prince and Rishab are not so friendly since they entered the BiggBoss house. But, in the contrast of previous relations, Prince cheered for Rishabh to the fullest. (see: Ramcharan to compensate for Bruce Lee’s Loss.)

Let’s see who wins. Is it Mandana or is it Rishabh? Let’s check out at 10:30 pm today on Colors TV.


  • Rochelle Got On Nerves!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 25 Episode 25 5th November 2015

Having patience all day and throughout the competition is pretty much very difficult. And if you are inside the BB house, then it becomes almost impossible. Except Kishwer and Prince, all the other contestants are trying hard to be patient and calm.

Well, today the third person got high. You may either get shocked or happy by hearing the name. It’s Rochelle, the extrovert girl. Someone did something which made Rochelle show up her devil side.

Rochelle and Rishabh had a massive fight when he brushed off her in the wrong way. She retaliated and then he got angry and said that she is just a small ant who can be crushed at any time.

Prince interrupted their fight and came and rescued Roch from Rishabh who was playing very smart. But Rochelle brought her down to planet Earth. Let’s see what happened next.

  • Rishabh just got pranked!

bigg boss 9 episode 25The act of retaliation has both sides bitter & sweet. But Rishabh did not get to see the sweet part of it because the housemates took the revenge by making him eat his own, self-made, medicine. If you revive from the earlier days, you might remember that Rishab and Mandana teased the housemates much when they attended the hotel task as guests.

To know what else happened in the house on Bigg Boss 9 Day 25 Episode 25 5th November 2015, you should stay tuned till 10:30 to get the exact taste of drama and fun took place in the house today.

Stay tuned for more news.

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