Bigg Boss 9 Day 30 Episode 30 10th November 2015: BB9 Updates; HIGHWAY Budget Task


Bigg Boss 9 Day 30 Episode 30 10th November 2015: BB9 Updates; Yesterday 6 contestants got nominated in a new way. Moreover, they got one chance to save themselves. Only one will be saved, but the catch is that the saved participants will have to nominate one housemate for this week’s elimination round. Let’s check out the highlights, i.e., what happened today on the show.

  • Bharat Bhraman on HIGHWAY and it turns fishy !!!
bigg boss 9 episode 30

In today’s episode, the inmates were introduced to another luxury budget task. It has been titled as Highway which has two teams playing against each other. The interesting stuff in it is that the contestants received a rickshaw to play with. (read: Review of ThoongaVanam.)

The task included riding the rickshaw by a team while it will be ridden by a member of another team. While on the journey, they had to cover four cities. And if in between these milestones any member gets down, then he/she will be out of the task. So, one team was sitting tight on the rickshaw while the other was busy in setting/getting them down as many as they can.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 30 Episode 30 10th November 2015

At every sub-destinations, a buzzer was deployed to the ring and alert the team members to perform the subtasks. If the riding team wins the sub-task, then it will get all of their members onboard. There are further surprises in the task. One of the sub-task is fishing. The catch is that contestants were made to do that with their mouth. It was a hand free task, i.e., even while sharing, they had to use their mouths. (see: Salman-Sonam promotes PRDP on Kumkum Bhagya.)

The team finishing the task, first of all, wins. In case, if the team riding the rickshaw wins, they will get their all the members back. But, if the case is opposite, then they will have the power to eliminate another contestant. This was a very laborious task. Check out who won the task very soon. (also: review of Vedhalam.)

  • Dhokla khaava che!!
bigg boss 9 10th Nov. 2015

After finishing the above fishing task, they head towards Surat and landed there in the city of diamonds and sarees, and food especially dhokla. (watch: SRK Dilwale trailer.)


Thus, keeping it in mind, another task announced involved eating dhoklas between those two same teams. Only one member from each team participated in the competition. Obviously, the winner is who ate most of them. The rules for this sub-task were the same as for earlier ones. Don’t forget to watch this space at later to see who participated and who won.

  • Bol Kabbadi, Kabbadi, Kabbadi!
Bigg Boss 9 Day 30 Episode 30 10th November 2015

After getting over with two subtasks – fishing and dhokla, it was the time for the third one in the queue. The housemates arrived Jalandhar which is popularly known as the city of enthusiasts. It was more of a physical task. A Kabbadi game was held in Jalandhar for the housemates.

As always, Big Boss presented a slight twist in the rules, only one participant from the rickshaw riding team had to compete while the other two participated from the opposite team. The later had to grip the first person, from the other team, who would certainly try to touch one of them and cross the white line behind him.

Who won in the end, still a question! Stay tuned to know more!

  • Brawl Time!
Bigg Boss 9 Day 30 Episode 30 10th November 2015

There is something unusual certain to happen after this Highway luxury budget task that BiggBoss introduced later today. We can expect some high-end masala between the relationships of housemates during or after the task.

One, who is considered to withstand the most of the cat-fights in the house is Mandana, who unintentionally met a brawl with Kishwer earlier today. In the previous task, rickshaw riding, Mandana had given the job to make their opponents come down from the rickshaw. She took it to some other level by playing with some unexpected tricks – like throwing chilli power, turmeric etc. on the opposite team.

Will it ignite a fire in the housemates? Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss 9 Day 30 Episode 30 10th November 2015 news!

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  1. Kishwar s persnality loud and she isn’t trying to look nice by faking it it’s like Kishwar being Kishwar
    Mandana too fake first she look down on others just because she is outsider she keep refering others as Tum Log.. Puneet pointed Hindustani thing Mandna walked of insted of answering coz she knows she got caught.

  2. suyash and Kishwar are not good they both need to be thrown out. Suyash is Daboo and kishwar is the worst she thinks she is very smart but does things done by uncouth people two examples spitting in the water and licking the ice cubes and then she tells rishab that what he made her do is because he does not like her, second shee tells Rochell that she is double talking whereas she herself told Rishab that Rochell has used her toothbrush to clean the washbasin…which is incidently hearsay because she had not seen her do the same….pathetic a loud mouth who is looking like a slimy character… would advise Suyash to be very vary of her if he decides to continue the lopsided relationship.

  3. Big boss’s teamaking in this task is soooo poor. Prince kishwer suyywsh puneet … All thugs at one side…. And the way they are behaving it doesn’t seem they are doing a task … Are they educated… Donkeys

  4. yuvika back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. team b is worst i hate prince and other member they r not playing game like game .and they r too taking it too much personal esply to “mandana”.

  6. Your Comment
    yup! we want to see something spicy but not dis type of dirty,abused and uncontrolled peoples like kishwar, prince …
    plss BB

  7. Yuvika should come backkkk and Kishwar and Price thrown out absulutly out no one wants to see such aggressive people

  8. Prince and kishwar was very aggressive like a jangli……he threw mandana’s mattress out and made all the clothes dirty…I don’t believe anybody can do that …they should get punishment for that.

  9. Mandana needs to change her attitude. whatever she did with kishwer and other teamates and whatever prince did is not sufficient for her

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