Bigg Boss 9 Day 34 Episode 34 14th November 2015: BB9 Updates; Ex-Contestant Gautam Gulati Enters; Salman Khan Grills


Bigg Boss 9 Day 34 Episode 34 14th November 2015: Today was Saturday and this marks the presence of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on the show. The BB9 contestants got one more surprise. One guest came and thrilled all of them. Let’s quickly go through the highlights. (check: winner of splitsvilla 8.)

Today’s episode started with Salman Khan intensely interrogating Kishwer for the attack she did on Mandana during the highway task. Further, he asked her give the clarification if it was personal attack or she thought if Mandana is vulnerable for such stuff. On a surprise note, she revealed her intentions. She said that Mandana looked like an easy victim and a weak contender to her.

Salman pulled Suyyash and Prince and referred them as spoilt bullies. Adding to his advice, he urged them to stop frightening Rochelle and Mandana to make them do whatever they want and fell both the girls unsafe in the house.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 34 Episode 34 14th November 2015

Salman brought an incident of highway task again into the attention of all. That time, Prince broke the rules and help Suyyash-Kishwer and team even when he was expelled from the task. He again questioned him for the unethical behavior which Prince showed by trying to steal a woman’s clothes and opening suitcase of other person without his/her permission. Salman tried to make him recall what he said while entering the bigg boss house. On the opening ceremony, Prince promised to win everybody’s heart. Salman again taunted him by saying that as of now he is only concerned about winning two people’s heart, Su-Kish. (read: PRDP collection.)

After a while, Mandana was seen complaing to Salman that Kishwer and some other contestants taunt her for being a favorite housemate of Salman Khan and BB. Right at the next moment, Kishwer clarified and defended herself and declined from any such statement. But Salman caught her and reminded that she said such lines in a subtle way once in the confession room.  Salman clarified his position that she is not her favorite but he encourages everyone at the required moment.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 34 Episode 34 14th November 2015

Following his words, Rochelle immediately asked him about his favorite contestant. He smiled and quickly answered that Roch is his favorite. Moreover, he unveiled that Keith will soon join back. To pull Rochelle’s leg, he said that when Keith will return, he will be paired up with another girl.

Salman also asked Rimi about the bullying scenario in which Su-Kish were involved. She defended everyone saying that in reality people misunderstood them and actually, they are not bullies. But, Salman, Aman, Mandana, Rishabh, and Rochelle weren’t satisfied a bit.

complaint box – Bigg Boss 9 Day 34 Episode 34 14th November 2015

Puneet also appeared against the intolerant and racist language used by many inmates for Mandana and most importantly the word Hindustani in order to make Mandana feel an alien there. However, Puneet defended himself by justifying his stand on this situation.

fake meter task to nominate 2 fake and 2 real person

The bb9 contestants got a surprise at this weekend. The winner of BB8 – Gautam Gulati appeared on the show. He met the housemates inside the house. Later in the day, he revealed that Kishwer nags and shouts a lot which is not healthy for her. He appreciated Rishabh, Rochelle, and Mandana.

At last, two nominated contestants Rochelle and Digangana were announced safe from getting eliminated this week. Then, Salman signed off the Bigg Boss 9 Day 34 Episode 34 14th November 2015 promising to return on Sunday again.

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  1. Salman is portraying prince as negative person and always support mandana..why salman didn’t said anything to mandana for kicking kishwar…whatever mandana does in task samething prince did but still prince is wrong..yes prince is aggressive but he never behave badly wid any girl neither abuse like mandana..bigg boss should allocate team properly so that such things doesn’t happen..if mandana nd roch is so weak thn they should nt participate in task..

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