Bigg Boss 9 Day 37 Episode 37 17th November 2015: BB9 Updates; Shararati Bachcha Continues; Mandana To Leave Show MidWay?


Bigg Boss 9 Day 37 Episode 37 17th November 2015: Now, one more case arise, similar to Keith Sequeira. After him, another contestant is ready to leave the show midway. She is none other than Mandana Karimi. It was confirmed on the Twitter handle of the show. Today’s episode was full of tantarums and diaper changes. (see: Baahubali In India’s Top 10 Premiere’s List.)

The biggboss made the housemates to wake up to the song ‘Tay Tay Phiss’. Soon, after waking up, the inmates got to know that the changes of roles has taken place in the task “Shararti Bachcha” which started yesterday. Today, the role reversal took place. After a while, Suyyash, Aman, and Digangana were spotted discussion Mandana’s participation in the task. Suyyash suggested that she will definitely take part as now she has just to irritate the caretakers. Very soon, Mandana confirmed her participation.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 37 Episode 37 17th November 2015

Rochelle Rao and Aman Verma

Mandana returned to her normal senses after suffering from sickness yesterday. Today, she was seen healthy and hearty and she participated actively. After seeing her active part, Kishwer passed onto comments based on her health condition which provoked Prince and he reacted.

bigg boss 9 episode 37

Aman, Suyyash, and Digangana who were acting like kids utilized their time to fully irritate the opposition team. Aman-Suyyash started hitting with pillows while Diggi showcased her tantarum to get her hair band back. Suyyash said that Prince used his physical strength to get over him which sparked intense arguments.

Prince Narula and Mandana Karimi | Bigg Boss 9 Day 37 Episode 37 17th November 2015

Aman increase the confusion with his comment that the caretakers wanted to change his diaper so they tore it apart. As a result, the housemates got engaged in a row of tiff after that regarding the task rules. The rift increased when Rishabh tried to stop Digangana trying to take the carpet out of the house.

Suyyash intervened and told Rishabh that Diggi is as a child and she can do anything. Prince interrupted saying that it is against the rules of Bigg Boss house. Once again, the two buddies indulged into an array of arguments. Suyyash asked Rishabh to stay away when he tried to intervene between him and Prince.

Mandana Karimi to leave the show mid way? | Bigg Boss 9 Day 37 Episode 37 17th November 2015

After the verbal spat, Prince got upset. After a while, he tried to taunt Mandana saying that her health is now fine. Mandana got mad at him and said to him that he held her hand so tight that it started to feel pain. This arose the new debate on what should be limit to get physical with other housemate.

bigg boss 9 17th Nov. 2015

Then, the participants tried to convince Rimi to supervise the task, but she refused again citing that she can’t make decision in such intense controversies.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 37 Episode 37 17th November 2015

Leaving her aside, the remaining housemates came to a common decision that they will play by the rules after deciding them. The peace seemed to be restored, but just after that Suyyash and Prince got into another fight. Prince tried to take Suyyash outside the bedroom, but Aman held the door with his complete force and didn’t let him out.

Prince got annoyed and said that it’s not fair. Rishabh once again tried to intervene but Suyyash didn’t give a heed. This again sparked a war of words.

‘Bigg Boss 9’ housemates squabble

Mandana quit the task claiming that Rochelle got physical while putting her diaper down. She walked away out of anger. Later on, Mandana sweared on Prince after getting irritated by the whole day scenario.

At night, Prince said that he wanted to quit after getting tired of all day tanturams and antics of the housemates, while having a conversation with Suyyash. His comment caused a spark of self-interrogation regarding when and how will they got to complete the task successfully. At the end of the Bigg Boss 9 Day 37 Episode 37 17th November 2015, Prince recollected his school days when he used to be naughty.

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