Bigg Boss 9 Day 39 Episode 39 19th November 2015: BB9 Updates; Prince-Aman Fight, Mandana Returns


Bigg Boss 9 Day 39 Episode 39 19th November 2015: BB9 updates, today’s episode started with BB asking Mandana to name two contestants for this week’s elimination round. Mandana said that Rochelle has revealed her true self by speaking negative of her in the absence. Thus, she nominated her. Further, she refused to nominate Kishwer citing that if the story’s villain in big, then the hero should be bigger. (read: Review of Kumari 21F.)

Proceeding to the 2nd name, she chose to nominate Prince. She unveiled her feelings that Prince doesn’t possesses any right to speak or talk loudly to anyone in the house and moreover, he is just a ‘Gunda’ without Su-Kish.

After this and yesterday’s pseudo-elimination, Mandana Karimi made her comeback to the BB9 house with her luggage and a big smile on her face. Some of the contestants including Rishabh seemed happy with her arrival while some like Rochelle were spotted sad for a few moments.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 39 Episode 39 19th November 2015

Regarding the elimination, she made one story and told everybody that she had gone to visit her family, friends, and some other loved ones. Soon after it, Rishabh took her aside and during the private chit-chat, he told her about the complete happenings behind her back inside there. Further, Maddy also shared about Roch and other backbiters to Rishabh. (read: Cheekati Rajyam review.)

Later on, Suyyash, Kishwer, Prince, Digangana, and Rimi were spotted have a conversation over the changed mood of Rochelle after the arrival of Mandana. Kishwer expressed her thoughts that maybe Roch thinking that Mandana has returned to nominate the  ones who she don’t like. But, she may have got more surprised and shocked as Mandana has returned with her luggage.

Kishwer taunted Roch for doing the assigned task. However, she refused and declined from such allegation and walked away as she had no words to defend herself from those allegations.

Then, Rochelle faced Mandana, Rishabh, and Aman in the bedroom where she asked Mandana if she met Keith outside, to which Maddy lied that s he did and he is looking for loved ones to join him in the time of need and trauma. It was apparent that she didn’t want to face and talk to Rochelle and Aman.


Later in the day, Prince and Suyyash visited the statue of the fortune teller in the garden area with flowers. Both were in a happy mood. They unveiled their secret of happiness. They said that the fake contestants like Rochelle are getting unmasked and the real game is starting now onwards. Further, they boasted about themselves for being open.

Proceeding further in the day, nomination started and all of the housemates got to know by BB that Mandana, Rimi, Digangana, Kishwer, Rishabh, and Aman have been nominated for this week’s elimination round.

After a while, some bb9 contestants inside the house were spotted cornering Rochelle for backbiting the person to whom she was a friend. Then, Roch made an excuse to leave them behind to badmouth her. After she left, Mandana told everyone how Rochelle looked when she entered the house again and others were in their normal selves.

When Rochelle came back to the living area, Mandana started sharing her views on center-stage regarding the people who backbite her on a day-long absence from the house. She started with naming Roch and Aman. Both of them tried to justify themselves that they didn’t do it intentionally, but Kishwer and gang didn’t want to let this happen and they were adamant to prove them wrong.

Kishwer emphasized that Rochelle and Aman didn’t seem to be happy on Mandana’s arrival. Mandana highlighted the differences of Rochelle and Kishwer that her best buddies inside the house have betrayed her by badmouthing her on her back.

As the Bigg Boss 9 Day 39 Episode 39 19th November 2015 continued a small fight between Aman and Rishabh kickoff. It all happened inside the changing area. As the today’s time came to an end, it was realized that today was not a time for him. Prince Rishabh to a chimpanzee.

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  1. Rishab is a poor guy who actually feeling secure and taking support of mandan bullshit to save himself. he thinks wid mandana he can save himself. actually he is a stupid illitrate guy. always trying to make TRP. prince is Punjabi Boy he may be loud but not intentionally wrong.

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