Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 Episode 40 20th November 2015: BB9 Updates; Kishwer Becomes New Captain; No Points For Luxury Budget Task


Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 Episode 40 20th November 2015: BB9 updates; Yesterday, Mandana Karimi came back in the house after the pseudo-elimination. She seemed upset with the behavior of Rochelle while Roch was also not happy to see her back. Maddy, later on, spotted avoiding her. Moreover, 6 housemates were nominated for this week’s elimination round. (check: Collections Of PRDP.)

Today’s episode started with the preparations of the house captaincy task. Present captain cum supervisor Suyyash tried to remain fair with the three candidates – Prince, Rochelle, and Kishwer. The task included the holding of the colored water bowl with constant hand contact without spilling of any amount of it. In the meantime, Rishabh and Mandana were busy in explaining to each other that it doesn’t matter who wins.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 Episode 40 20th November 2015

The house saw a turn in the events with the opening of the BB9 house door. Attendants came with a rack of clothes. Out of curiosity, the inmates asked the attendants about it, but they didn’t speak. Soon, the housemates forgot about it and started focusing on the on-going captaincy task. Aman tried to make the candidates spill their water.

After a while, the third wild card entrant – Kawaljeet Singh made his entry in the house. He greeted and was greeted by all other housemates. Further, he told Kishwer that she is ruling the house.

Rochelle got into defensive mode when Rishabha blamed her for playing dirty. She explained to him that he can’t understand her situation and he will be able to understand her condition if anyone whom he loves was sick outside the BB house. She pointed towards Keith.

Right at this moment, Mandana intervened and said to Roch that she doesn’t need to play smart and pretend that she is a nice and sweet girl as she revealed her true self by speaking ill of Mandana during the secret room task. Hearing, Rochelle got angry and irritated. Then, she said that she is indeed a nice and sweet girl and will always be no matter what happens.


Further, she told Mandana that it was the task due to which she had to speak bad of Mandana. But, she didn’t want to listen and walked away as she does be an escapist. She left Rochelle to let scream in the garden area. Roch was asking her to stop spreading rumors about her.

Later in the evening, on the Bigg Boss’ behalf, Suyyash announced Kishwer as the winner of the captaincy task and thus the new captain of the house.

Hearing it, Prince felt cheated and wondered how everyone left him during the task. Further, he was spotted talking to himself about how Su-Kish helps each other in the last round of the task and even during the task, she was concerned only about herself. Thus, he decided to teach both of them a lesson.

Later on, Bigg boss threw a bomb on all the housemates by announcing that they won’t any point for the luxury budget task as Rimi Sen didn’t fulfil her duty when she was made the supervisor of the task. The temperature and heat inside the house arose to the peak, but Rimi laughed at her decision.

The point to be noted is that even her gang members started badmouthing on her face and behind her back. The Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 Episode 40 20th November 2015 ends.

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  1. Please remove rimi out of d house coz she is like a rotten apple which is spoiling d gud ones by influencing d views of others by her thoughts. For her d tasks r nly meant for kids n not adults. So dis definitely affect d whole senario in bb house. N make bb lil boring which never happnd before

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