Bigg Boss 9 Day 46 Episode 46 26th November 2015: BB9 Updates; Happy Birthday – Prince, Rochelle; Car Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss 9 Day 46 Episode 46 26th November 2015
Bigg Boss 9 28th Nov. 2015

Bigg Boss 9 Day 46 Episode 46 26th November 2015: BB9 updates – The main highlights of today’s part of the show were the birthdays of Prince Narula & Rochelle Maria Rao and the captaincy task and the benefits coming along with it. The new captain will get two weeks immunity. (read: Tamasha review.)

Big Boss made housemates wake up to the track ‘Happy Birthday’. After waking up, all the inmates danced with the birthday girl Rochelle which marked the start of the celebrations. In the meantime, Rochelle seemed sort of sad as Keith is not there to wish her on this special day. Priya tried to console her saying that time doesn’t stay always in favor of anyone. Rather than getting consoled, she got more upset.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 46 Episode 46 26th November 2015

Suyyash Rai tried to comfort Rochelle by telling her that Priya knows about the present condition of Keith and even that she’s not telling anyone and keeping everyone in dark. Further, he warned her of staying unaffected by Priya’s comments as according to him, she is trying to manipulate stronger contestants by playing with their minds. Mandana joined the conversation and added that Rishabh Sinha has turned as her pet and now he just follows her orders and that too blindly.

Proceeding further, Priya Malik let Suyyash know about her stint in the American TV reality show Big Brother on which conept this Indian version came into existence. In between the ongoing conversation, Kanwaljeet came and apologized for the misbehaviour.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 46 Episode 46 26th November 2015

Later in the day, Big Boss made an announcement of the new captaincy task and the benefits that the new captain will get. All the contestants got stuff into the car and stati oned. It included surviving till the end. The one contestant who survived for the maximum time will the task and declared as the new captain. Adding to the captaincy benefits, he/she will get two weeks of immunity.

bigg boss 9 26th Nov. 2015

After this annoucement, BB asked the team of Rimi to nominate two worst performers of the last task. While discussing about the ‘dairy’ task worst performers, Priya, Suyyash, and Rochelle got engaged into an ugly verbal spat due to the difference in opinion and understanding.

After that, Priya went to Rishabh and Digangana and cried there telling both of them that the entire house is planning against her. Rishabh told her that the housemates are afraid of her as she knows their weaknesses and strengths, thus, they opened up in front of her while she was conducting the nominations.

bigg boss 9 episode 46


In the evening, the task for finding the new captain started. Everybody rushed into the car and sat on their desired and available positions/seats/spots. Kawaljeet lost his chance as he didn’t get to sit into the car. As a result, he lost his chance for 2-week immunity.

Inside the car, the team members tried their best to get Rishabh out of it. One more time, Priya got into another argument with Suyyash and Kishwer saying that they didn’t even understand any task and emphasis on their idiosyncrasies. However, Kishwer tried to blow down her saying that the housemates are good enough without wild card entrants.

As the Bigg Boss 9 Day 46 Episode 46 26th November 2015 came to an end, Kawaljeet was spotted disscusing with other mates about how Rochelle taunted him and she don’t have a chance to stand in front of him. Further, he said that she is not a strong candidate for the trophy.

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