Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015: BB9 Updates; Watch Online; Prince Sacrifices For Priya, Mandana Rates Herself As #1

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Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015: BB9 updates watch online on HotStar and Colors TV website. Let’s see what happened today via highlights. Priya became the new captain as Prince let her become the new captain. On a rating task, Mandana assigned herself first position. One more highlight was Keith’s return. Let’s now go in some detail. (read: Ravi Teja signs a new film.)

Today’s episode kicked off right when BB made a shocking annoucement which hadn’t been made till yesterday. The main gates of the house were opened and contestants were asked to leave immediately if any wanted to leave the show. Everyone eyed Rimi Sen, but she surprised everybody by going to bed instead of going out. Suyyash asked her the reason. She replied that seven weeks have already been past, so there is no chance to leave openly without any competition. Suyyash again asked her if she wanted to win. Rimi said that it would be better if she gets eliminated in coming episodes by public voting.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015

On the other hand, the car captaincy and immunity task was still on the run. Rochelle, Priya, and Prince were in the race sitting inside the car to become the new captain of the house. At dawn, Rochelle left the competition and stepped out of the car. She changed clothes and went to sleep. Now, only Priya and Prince left to compete with each other. Next morning, the housemates were made to wake up to the song Koi Hero Yahan.

Bigg Boss 9 episode 48

About noon time, Priya successfully convinced Prince to leave the captaincy task by offering him the lucrative offers like she won’t harm or take severe actions against him and his friends – Rochelle, Mandana, Suyyash, and Kishwer. Prince proudly stepped out of the car announcing that he is letting her become the new captain citing that she is new and thus needs power and immunity.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015

As a result, BB announced Priya as the winner and thus Priya became the new captain and also got two weeks immunity. Moreover, she was provided with a special right which would be revealed at the right time as told by the Big Boss.

Bigg Boss 9 28th Nov. 2015

Proceeding in the day, all the contestants except the latest wild card entrants were shown their journey in the BB9 till date. About Rishabh, it was told that he entered in the house symbolizing terror to them but as of now he has become a joker. For Suyyash, it was told that he has been just the shadow of Kishwer and has no meaning for himself. Prince too received negative review of his journey with a sentence that he has now become a part of the herd. While, Mandana and Rochelle were appreciated for their roles. Rimi found her feedback humorous.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015

Later in the day, BB called everyone in the garden area and asked housemates to stand in a queue rating themselves in order of 1 to 10. While, the wild card entrants were given the responsiblity to question the standing housemates for standing at their respective positions.

Mandana stood at #1 citing that she has successfully survived till now against all the odds. At first, Rochelle stood at #3, but soon changed it to #2. Prince got number four while Kishwer took up number three. All of them gave various reasons for giving them that rating. On a fun note, Rimi Sen stood at #10 and started laughing at it.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 48 Episode 48 28th November 2015 ended. Let’s see what happens next. Meanwhile, whom you are expecting to get eliminated this weekend?

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