Bigg Boss 9 ‘Day 64’ 14th December 2015: BB9 Updates |Housemates Reveals Game Plan, Priya Voted As Most Insecure

Bigg Boss Day 67
Bigg Boss Day 67

Bigg Boss 9 – Day 64 ‘Episode 64’ 14th December 2015: BB9 updates – In today’s part of the show the contestants revealed their game plan to win the competition. Let’s go through the highlights to get an idea of what happened today. (see: Salman to marry soon.)

Today’s episode started with the question of Who Is The Most Insecure Person in the house at present? BiggBoss asked the housemates to cast their votes. The newest wildcard entrants Nora and Gizele were not the part of the nominees. After the polls, the result came out and it revealed Priya to be the most insecure mate inside the house. However, she said that she is happy as she is not coined as the most arrogant or rude person.

Bigg Boss 9 – Day 64 ‘Episode 64’ 14th December 2015

After a while, Rishabh was spotted having a discussion with Mandana and Gizele that he wants to create his image good in the eyes of the viewers, so he has to be nice to Kishwer. Further, he unveiled his plan to hurt Kishwer when she would expect it the least to hurt her the most. (read: Shahrukh to appear on Big Boss.)

Moreover, he told Mandana that he is planning for himself only, but if some situations arise in future, then he will be there in order to support her. Mandana criticized her once upon a time friend Rochelle and coined her as the two-faced. These three mates realized that as of now, the power almost belong to Ketih, Rochelle, Suyyash, Kishwer, Prince, and Nora.

Bigg Boss 9 episode 64

Proceeding in the day, Rishabh and Priya had a discussion regarding the going to be the nominees for this week’s elimination. Rishabh said that he is certain about himself, Priya, and Mandana.


The housemates were made to wake up to the song ‘Gandi Baat’ by the BB. Mandana and Gizele were spotted discussing who really holds the power at the present moment. They realized that the true power lies in the hands of Rochelle and Prince while Keith is just a nominal captain. Gizele unveiled her opinion about Kishwer that she has too much influence on Prince and Suyyash.

Bigg Boss 9 14th Dec. 2015

Further, she added that she will have not any problem if Suyyash or Prince become the new captain as both of them are good human beings for her. Later on, Rishabh joined them. Then, Mandana asked her who he think will be nominated for this week.

He named – Rishabh, Mandana, Gizele, and Priya. The three of these contestants discussed about Rochelle and how she is treating Nora as Prince’s new girlfriend. However, Nora is too smart for that.

Later in the Bigg Boss 9 Day 64 Episode 64 14th December 2015, Rishabh and Nora had a conversation along the pool side. At that time, Rishabh said that he will forgive her for any mistakes or anything as he believes that she is going through her honeymoon period as of now. Moreover, he indirectly adviced her to take her own stand and stopping going with the majority.

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