Bigg Boss 9 Day 70 Episode 70 20th December 2015: BB9 Updates; SRK With Salman, Dilwale Promotions

Bigg Boss 9 Day 70 Episode 70 20th December 2015
Bigg Boss 9 Day 70 Episode 70 20th December 2015

Bigg Boss 9 Day 70 Episode 70 20th December 2015: BB9 updates; the promotions of dilwale movie starring King of Romance – Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, and Kriti Sanon in lead roles have been going on in full swing. The team of the film will be seen promoting the flick on bb and comedy nights with kapil today. (check: Bajirao Mastani collection.)

Let’s see what happened today on the India’s most controversial reality television show. Let’s catch up the main highlights. Salman was spotted the audience that a lot have been changed across the globe in the recent times. Taking opportunity, Shahrukh said that one good thing has happened and it’s that the show has got a permanent host.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 70 Episode 70 20th December 2015

Both the stars enjoyed the company of each other. They playfully and teasingly exchanged remakrs to each other. It appeared that the child inside them refused to leave the playful things and played some games on the stage.

The first of all was the ‘sar pe chadhana’. In this game, the rule was to put up the placard on their own forehead, then one guessed what the other is enacting. Those placards had names of famous Bollywood actors written on it.

The next game in the row was the Media vs Reality which was focussed on how the media uses to blow everything up out of proportion. Just stick to know more about today’s episode.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 70 Episode 70 20th December 2015

After a while, after the game, it was the time for the two stars to answer janta ke sawal and danced on the tunes of Chikni Chameli. Don’t forget to get more info.

Today, the made their entry on the songs of each other. It was a sort of an ode. Just after the start of the show, both got back to back and then, SRK pulled a banana out of his pocket to offer it to Salman. Seeing him, Sallu mia took his one out and “Mere Pass Mera Hai”.

To this response, SRK tried to showcase some brotherhood by saying that “Tu Mera Rakh Aur Main Tera”. It was quite a fun to watch both of them. Salman proceeded saying that audience were waiting for this special night. Shahrukh Khan interrupted and said “Jaise Inki Suhagraat Ho”.

Bigg Boss 9 20th Dec. 2015

A little more humor. Salman, further, revealed that people expects a lot more from the stars that “Ke Iss Baar Ye Dono Alag Kya Karenge?”. SRK said, “pehle to hum iss kele ko iss chilke se alag karenge, after all iss raat ko yaad gaar jo BANANA hai. Lol Max!

Furthermore Salman added that people are expecting a lot more Shahrukh and then asked a pregnant woman if she was expecting? The woman said yes in no time which added up some flavor on the ongoing talks. But Salman asked, how? She was very quick to answer it and said “jaise karte hai waise”. Then, SRK said that he doesn’t know as his ones are from surrogate while Salman said that his ones are yet out of the door.

Such conversations made the show’s episode more funny and entertaining. They created a laugh riot on the sets on Bigg Boss 9 Day 70 Episode 70 20th December 2015. So, stay tuned to get more updates.