Bigg Boss 9 Day 73 Episode 73 24th December 2015: BB9 Updates – New Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss 9 Day 73 Episode 73 24th December 2015
Bigg Boss 9 Day 73 Episode 73 24th December 2015

Bigg Boss 9 Day 73 Episode 73 24th December 2015: BB9 updates – Let’s see what happened today on the reality TV show being aired on Colors TV. Here below are some quick highlights of today’s part of the show. The housemates were made to wake up to the song Havan Karenge. Just after waking up, they got busy with their daily stuff and chores. (read: Soukyam review.)

In the day, big boss annonced one interesting task to the three winning pairs who won the Baazi task. The task was that one pair of the following Rochelle-Rishabh, Suyyash-Priya, and Mandana-Kishwer will get to become the next captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 73 Episode 73 24th December 2015

The catch was that only three contendors can compete for this week’s captaincy task. So, with the mutual understanding, they had to nominate the other contestant for the same. It happened within the Double Trouble room. Suyyash-Priya reached to their final decision very soon. While, Rishabh-Rochelle stucked into a fight as both of them eagerly wanted to become the captain.

When Rishabh and Rochelle took too much time and still couldn’t reach to the final decision, BB punished them by disqualifying from the task. After a while, there were two final contendors for the game. Both of them were provided with a captaincy ring which they were asked to hold as long as possible. The candidate who kept it for the longest time period won the task and became the new captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 73

Later at night, Nora came across a handwritten note in Hindi next to her bed. Prince arrived there and read it for her as she is not comfortable with Hindi. Nora got upset when she got to know that Rishabh has become her secret Santa. She thought that he did it to make fun of her. Later on, she confronted this topic to the housemates.

Rochelle tried to interfere in order to handle the situation, but eventually it went out of her control and worsened. Prince got engaged into a fight with Gisele over the same matter. Nora goes overboard and calls Giselle a ‘background dancer’.

Bigg Boss 9 24th Dec. 2015

After some time, Prince tried to play nasty game by badmouthing Priya in front of Rishabh. He said to him that Priya called Rishabh a side kick of Mandana. Hearing this, Priya got annoyed and baffled by the lie which Prince had spoken. In order to make it clear that she never did it, she sweared on her husband.

The Bigg Boss 9 Day 73 Episode 73 24th December 2015 ended. Stay tuned for latest bb9 news and updates. Don’t forget to share.