Bigg Boss 9 Day 80 Episode 80 30th December 2015: BB9 Updates; Priya and Rishabh come to blows during task

Bigg Boss 9 Day 80 Episode 80 30th December 2015
Bigg Boss 9 Day 80 Episode 80 30th December 2015

Bigg Boss 9 Day 80 Episode 80 30th December 2015: BB9 updates – let’s go through today’s episode to know what happened today in the ongoing competition TV reality show hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. The highlights revolved around Priya, Rishabha, Keith, and Rochelle. (see: Dilwale collection.)

The starting of the day showed Suyyash having conversations with Prince over his feelings and opinions for Nora. Suyyash told Prince that since Nora has entered the house, Prince has distanced himself from most of the activities inside the house and the latter know that it will go against him. On the other Prince told Suyyash that if her feelings for him are fake then, it will be revealed soon and he will not let it affect his game.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 80 Episode 80 30th December 2015

After a while, Nora was spotted talking to Prince about the same stuff. She said to him that it could be the game plan for Suyyash. Later on, Priya came to sort out her differences with Nora as they had a fight in the morning.

While, Nora questioned her that if she knew about it then, she should have told her itself in the morning. Then, Kishwer joined them while they were engaged in the conversation. After joining in, Kishwer clarified to Nora that the talks were just for the concern of Prince and Nora was just got dragged in it. (share: New Year photos.)

At midnight, Prince tried to use his mind and changed the position of diamonds in spite of being told not to temper task related stuff. He did so as he thought to confuse the thief team when they would come to steal the diamonds.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 80 Episode 80 30th December 2015

Next morning, the housemates woke up to the tunes of “Romeo Naam Mera”. After a while, Priya decided to oil the diamonds to that they would slip out of thieves’ hands when they steal it. Bigg Boss warned them that their actions would have some consequences on the luxury budget task.

After the warning, the task again started. Just after it, Keith felt that Suyyash being the supervisor is little partial towards the police team.

At noon, Priya and Rishabh got into a big fight when the latter tried to escape the prison. They both got involved into fisticuffs. Both got aggressive, Rishabh threw the shoes of Priya away while the latter broke the pot containing water which was meant for Rishabh to drink water from.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 80 Episode 80 30th December 2015

Later in the day, Keith got arrested as stole a diamond and got caught. Then, Rishabh was allowed to come out of prison. While in the game, Keith explained to his girlfriend Rochelle Maria Rao that she is not her girlfriend while they are playing the game and she should also focus on the task instead of getting affected by her emotions.

Then, Priya and Mandana were spotted taunting each other in the bedroom. Mandana called Priya a ‘little mosquito’ then, Priya called Mandana a ‘massive dragon’. Even when they both were involved in the task, both the girls got catty further. It continued.

bigg boss 9 30th Dec 2015

Keith tried to annoy Rochelle and he got successful as he yawned and pretended of feeling sleepy when she was searching him. Keith even disowned her as his girlfriend in front of everyone there, she felt disrespected and got angry with him.

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 80

Rochelle warned him that he would have to face consequences for passing such statements. However, after the task, they were seen hugging each other. It was once again love in the air when Keith told her that his diamond is with him.



Later in the night, Rishabh and Mandana were seen discussing the Priya’s game plan. They called her a horrible game player. The taunting stuff was still going on as Priya came inside the kitchen to make the tea. She ignored both of them.

Out of courtesy, Priya asked both of them if they would like to have tea. Mandana told her to stop being fake while Rishabh said that she make horrible tea and refused to have tea made by her. He requested Suyyash to make tea for them. Suyyash felt obliged but told Rishabh to back off for being mean to Priya over cooking stuff.

The Bigg Boss 9 Day 80 Episode 80 30th December 2015 ended. Stay tuned for latest bb9 news.

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