Bigg Boss 9 Day 9 Episode 9 20th October 2015: Task; Highlights; BB9 Watch Online Live Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Day 9 Episode 9 20th October 2015: Eight straight days of drama, competition, elimination and much more have been passed away. Today comes the ninth day of this season of India’s most controversial show again being hosted by Salman Khan.

Today’s show started with the wakening up of the contestants on the popular track Mitwa from Aamir Khan’s starrer Lagaan movie. The participants are already tensed and dealing with the reduced winning amount of BB9 and today’s theme has been already planned without making it into the knowledge of housemates.

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The Oct. 20, 2015 episode’s first conversation almost stopped the heartbeats of all as Prince Naurla declared that he would like to reclaim his luggage for Rs. 30 lakhs. This is not only the highlight rather it was filled up with much more drama and complexity. Read on to know the highlights.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 9 Episode 9 20th October 2015

  • Lagaan dena padega!

Bigg Boss made an announcement of the task titled ‘Lagaan’. Aman and his partner Kishwer were made the zamindaars and Arvind as the supervisor of the task while the remaining contestants were made workers. Zamindaars had to cut taxes while the workers had to clean up the garden area in all the corners of the house. The rules and regulations of the task stated that workers don’t had to visit the obstructed ares with the house and if they make a visit, the tax would be imposed. Moreover, they were asked to ground flour in pairs and then had to sell a packet full of flour to zamindaars at the negotiable amount. The team earning maximum numbers of points was declared as the winner. Zamindaars had the authority to manipulate the tax rate. They just changed everything.

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  • Contestant frenzy!

After realizing that the task is in favor of the zamindaars contestants, they started planning and putting some strategies. Whatever may be it was, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the task made all the contestants friendly and completely changed the situation of inside house completely.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 9 Episode 9 20th October 2015

Mandana’s big fight with Keith!

The relationship problems of Keith and Mandana again came up as one highlight. Along with it, new challenges arose. Moreover, Rochelle and Vikas getting started like the former couple. Because of it, Vikas and Mandana were found in a verbal spat. Rochelle and Mandana declared that Vikas if filled up with male ego. later in the day, while performing task, his partner Yuvika Chaudhary shocked.

Captaincy chahiye!

Bigg Boss 9 Day 9 Episode 9 20th October 2015. Later inthe dya, Rochelle made a confession that she wanted to become the captain. But, Rimi’s action suggested that she doesn’t want Rochelle to become a captain. The makers have been keeping the record of breaking rules. They had several reasons like . For eg, Yuvika team’s name came at the first place as they taoked in English. Moreover, Vikas got angry with Digangana as didn’t wear her mike.

Couple trouble!

The jodi problem started with the pari of Mandana and Keith as they demanded to cooperate with others’ demands. This is not done yet, Suyyash and Kishwer wer s0aen in a verbal spat which started when Suyyash tried to trick. Every inmate had a different approach.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 9 Episode 9 20th October 2015

Vikas and Rochelle’s ugly spat!

Another fight between Vikas and Rochelle emerged as soon as Vikas claimed that Rochelle ate food before them now. Rochelle broke down while performing with Rimi Sen. She genuinely wanted to perform the task.

Let’s see what happens this week. Till then, stay tuned with us facebook

Will the team break the spirit or will the spirit break the team?

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