Billions Season 1 Episode 6 Review

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Billions Season 1 Episode 6 Review: “Billions” is a show all about males trying to dominate over each other in a current scenario, where the setup of Wall Street is just used as a base for the story. Their game of overtaking each other is just like caveman charging at each other with clubs. Producers of the show seem completely unconcerned with getting awards, they are just trying to tell a story. But this does not mean that their work is lacking behind in terms of quality. The story is gripping, with great acting prowess displayed by the actors. (read: Vinyl S1E2 review.)

This week’s episode approached the mid-point of their twelve episode season by airing the sixth episode. Episode six was titled “The Deal” and aired on Showtime on twenty one February at ten in the night.

Billions Season 1 Episode 6 Review

Chuck Rhoades is a practical man, he knows that the more time he wastes in not arresting Bobby Axelrod, more difficult it would become for him to charge Bobby for a significant felony. The last five episodes were all about patience, Chuck was building the case for taking down the hot-shots of Wall Street. This case is apparently the most complicated one he has ever handled and he is leaving no stone unturned to make the most out of what resources he already has at his disposal. The characters played a long game in all these episodes that paid off quite well at the end of episode six. Hats off to Bobby Axelrod.

We see Wendy being guided through a dark hallway by Hall. Then we see her beside a pool, in a robe. Then appears Bobby, disrobes and jumps into the pool. After some hesitation, so does Wendy. Then there is a flashback of seventy two hours.

Billions Season 1 Episode 6 Review

Picking up from where the episode five ended, Wendy sees Bill Stern being arrested on TV. She goes to Chuck Rhoades’s office and is pissed off with the fact that chuck made sure that she remained absent during the arrest. This incident could tamper with her image, so her anger is justified.

Chuck tries to cajole her into understanding that it was for her own good, which in reality was just a move to maintain a nice aura in front of others. Meanwhile, Axelrod is not happy as one of his own is worked up. He calls this move by Chuck an attack. In this cockfight, Wendy sees the bigger picture and plays accordingly. There are other interesting events too, like Stern being interrogated and the typical Wall Street lobbying.

Watch the episode yourself for a better insight.

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