Blindspot Season 2 Release Date: Spoilers and Updates From The TV Series

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Blindspot Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions, Plot, Cast, News, B S2 Updates: “Blindspot” 1st installment ended with a great finale. It was finally revealed that Jane wasn’t Weller’s missing friend Taylor Shaw from his childhood. We came to know that Weller’s father had had killed her when he confessed to his crime on his death bed. (check: Curb The Enthusiasm Season 9.)

Jane killed Oscar and Weller arrested her. Mayfair died a grim death. All this and we still don’t know what Jane’s real name is. There were so many things left unanswered in the first season. But the good news is that second installment of “Blindspot” has been confirmed.

Blindspot Season 2 Release Date

Martin Gero, the executive producer of “Blindspot” said in a recent interview that much more would be revealed in the second season of the show. We would get to know Jane’s real name in the first episode itself. A lot, actually a lot would be answered in the 2nd installment.

The producer said that the team has a lot of arcs for the show on their mind. They are planning to move forward with them. Then team wants to answer and give closure to all the existing mysteries in the story. They want to move over the mysteries of first installment and make the audience obsess over new ones.

While this sounds good that we would get to know all we wanted to know at the end of season 1, it may be frustrating when they pose new and even more shady questions in the show. “Blindspot” team always have a trick up their sleeve.

Blindspot Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, Predictions, Plot, Cast, News, B S2 Updates

Talking about the story, the show would would take a 3 month time jump in the installment number 2. We’ll see flashbacks of young Jane and the mystery group would finally be revealed in the first two episodes of the installment.

This season would focus on the mystery group’s plans and their leader. Jane would be busy this installment  trying to stop them from destroying the world. The second season would have different themes running throughout the show. We would see a lot more of young Jane in flashbacks, training with her old group.

The name of the actor who’d be playing the younger version of Jane is not yet revealed. Apart from that, we still don’t know who’d be playing the group leader. This ought to be a big one as we would see a lot of him on screen.

Filming for the show has already begun and the team has started to post pictures from the sets. We’ll get back to you with more updates as we receive them.

Blindspot season 2 is set to return on September 14 on NBC. Don’t forget to share.


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