First Weekend (Sunday) Box Office Collections of Angry Birds, Waiting, Phobia and Veerappan

First weekend collections of Phobia Movie
First weekend collections of Phobia Movie

Several bollywood films released the last week featuring small budget movies on the box office with no big name as superstar. Angry Birds, Waiting, Phobia and Veerappan were among the films released last week on average pace.

Angry Birds was released in Indian market with not so great expectations but a sense of security that english movies are doing well in bollywood nowadays. The movie remains the topper throughout the last weekend collecting over 9 crores over a period of 4 days. The movie took a notable growth from the day 1 collections of 2.20 crore rupees to 3.22 crores on the succeeding day and 3.62 crore box office earnings on Sunday. The collections are low in comparison to the other hollywood superhits in India but satisfactory as of now.

Phobia was successful in fetching some really good reviews from the industry top critics but failed on box office counterpart because of bad marketing buzz in the industry. Limited budget film performed poor on the first day with only 20 lakhs rupees in bag on the name of box office collections. Huge growth in comparison to opening day was seen on Saturday with the box office earnings of more than 40 lakh rupees. On Sunday, the movie still grows with expected pace and collected around .90 crores, totalling the first weekend collections to 1.5 crore rupees, Phobia collections are expected to grow on the weekdays.

Waiting first weekend box office collections report

Waiting got average reviews from the movie critics on the opening day. Phobia dominance can be clearly seen over the industry on hindi audience. The opening day was also slow for ‘Waiting collections’ as the movie collected only 27 lakh rupees and the main portion from metro cities only. On Saturday a chance and hope for growth was seen in the face of about double collections than of opening day with 48 lakhs on Day 2 and 55 Lakhs on Sunday. Film has definitely performed poor than Phobia but still no big difference is in between among the two movies.

Veerappan was the movie with highest of the above publicity and marketing budget. Having release on many cinemas throughout the country, the film had hardly managed to survive the costs on very first day with only 1.77 crores as box office collections in its pocket. The next trends were also similar with no big growth as such in case of above two movies. Veerappan collections for the last sunday was 2.2 crore rupees while on Saturday it was 1.96 crores. Veerappan has first weekend box office collections total of 5.95 crores.

Box Office Rankings – May Last Weekend

  1. Angry Birds
  2. Veerappan
  3. Phobia
  4. Waiting
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