Brahmarakshas 10th September 2016: Raina’s Father Goes In Coma

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 10th September 2016: Brahmarakshas roared seeing Apu’s picture. Rishab married to Raina and said that he would not let her die and would always be with her. She said that she too would help him in achieving his mission and would not let him die. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Brahma Rakshas walked towards the temple. Rishab and Raina heard Brahmarakshas roaring. He came in front of them. She threw Lotus on him, and Rishab threw a net on him. He then beat him with a wooden plank. Brahma Rakshas fell unconscious.


Brahmarakshas 10th September 2016

Rishab went to him and checked if he was alive or dead. Brahmarakshas opened his eyes and threw Rishab in air. Brahma Rakshas attacked him further. Raina shouted to leave him. He hurt her too. Brahmarakshas went away. She got up and thought to help Rishab.

She took him home on a cart. Everyone gathered around him and asked Raina as what happened to him. Mohini yelled at naira and said why they did all that even when they all asked them not to. Raina started crying. Mohini said she would never accept her as her bahu and asked her to stay away from Rishab too. They called the doctor to check Rishab.

Brahma Rakshas was injured and was in anger and thought to kill all who tried to harm him. He roared and said he would not spare anyone.

Raina father reached Kamalpura, and he called her and told her that he had reached to the station. He asked her to come and meet him as he had to tell some secrets about that place to her.

Two goons hit Raina’s father. They then tried to run a truck over him. Raina came on time and saw her dad. She saved him and rushed him to the hospital. When he was on his way, he told her that she was not her daughter. Doctor then checked him and told Raina that his father went in the comma.

Raina was confused about what her father said to her and was shocked to see how her life changed so much in just seconds. She wished God to help her and let her win over the devil. She was sad as her father’s life was in danger and Rishab’s too. She was sad as devil tried to harm all she loved. She found a locket in the temple and saw a couple’s picture in it. She thought who they were as Phuli too sent those people’s picture.

Brahmarakshas 10th September 2016

Apu came to Kalampura. She got out of the car and smiled looking at that place and said that it was her place. The Rakshas saw Apu and laughed and said finally the day came that he was waiting for so many years. He would kill Apu as his soul would get free only after the murder of Apu.

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