Brahmarakshas 11th September 2016: Raina got to know that Brahma Rakshas killed her real parents

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 11th September 2016: Rishab gained conscious and asked about Raina. Mohini said she asked Raina to go out as she felt that Raina was responsible for his situation. Rishab tried to explain that she was in deep emotions after Rakhi’s death and hence was just helping him to kill Brahma Rakshas. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Rishab then got to know that Raina’s father met an accident and took him to the hospital as she might be alone there. Aditya and Nalin thought to kill Raina’s dad as he knew the truth. Apu came to Mitali and asked her about Rishab. Apu got to know about Rishab’s fight with Brahm Rakshas and got afraid. She questioned why they called her there by lying. Her life was in danger she felt. Brahma Rakshas would kill her.

Brahmarakshas 11th September 2016

Raina’s father’s condition was getting worse. Brahmarakshas entered the hospital and was very anger. Rishab and everyone else too reached the hospital. Everyone rushed out from the hospital as Raina managed to escape them all but she was still in the hospital with her father. Brahma Rakshas was approaching towards her but turned his way seeing her father with her. She was shocked at why Brahm Rakshas turned.

Nalin locked Apu in the room. Brahma Rakshas walked towards her. She shouted for help. Brahmarakshas picked her by her neck. Rishab made a plan to kill Brahma Rakshas and save Apu’s life too. Brahm Rakshas attacked him and threw him in air. Rishab asked everyone to go home as he would come with Raina.

Brahmarakshas 11th September 2016

Hospital members told him that Raina and her dad shifted to some clinic. They also told him that she got minor injuries. He then saw Raina and hugged her. She asked him to go home as she needed to be with her dad. He agreed.

Nalin thought to do something as Apu got saved again. He had to do something to push her again in front of Brahmarakshas.

Phuli went to the hospital to donate blood but was shocked to see Raina’s father there. She reminded giving him baby years ago. She asked him not to come there again. She saw Phuli when she was on her way to get medicines from the store. She asked her as what she was doing there.

Phuli asked Raina about the man. She said that she gave the baby to that man. She was shocked and showed her the locket she was having and asked who they were. Phuli told her that they were the child’s parents.

Raina was shocked. She told her that the man was a doctor. When Brahm Rakshas attacked the baby’s parents and killed them, she handed over the baby to the man to save her life.

She told her that the man was her father. She then cried knowing that Brahmarakshas killed her real parents.

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