Brahmarakshas 15th October 2016: Apu became Brahma Rakshas and said that she would make everyone’s life hell

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 15th October 2016: Yug was worried as no one was helping him. Mitali told Raina and Rishab about the storm that ruined their house. Raina came to Mitali’s house and wondered why that all was happening with them. She felt someone stalking her when she was going upstairs. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Yug was beaten up by the goons. Apu came there and asked them to come as she needed their help. Raina thought that Mitali’s house was not destroyed because of storm, there was something else. Raina saw a door and was about to open it but Rishab came there and stopped her.

Brahmarakshas 15th October 2016

The goons started flirting with Apu but she asked them not to. She then turned into Brahmarakshas. The goons shouted on seeing her horror face. She then killed the goons. She laughed saying that she could change her face and show the world what she was not. She walked outside and woke Yug in concern.

She said that she would report about the goons to police. She helped him to get up. Rishab scolded Raina for going out alone and asked her to inform him whenever she went out. Raina said that something was awkward in Mumbai. Apu said to Yug that she would give him money if he helped her.

She said that she was not bad and said that she just wanted her family back. Yug agreed to help her. She recalled how everyone left her to die. She went back to her cave. She had been killed by the Brahmarakshas and herself turned in one.

Brahmarakshas 15th October 2016

Yug came back home. Naina took him to room. Yug blamed in front of everyone Mitali for leaving him in the hall. Raina said that she remembered well that Yug was not in the hall. She wondered as why Yug was lying. She went to him and asked him as how that happened to him. He lied that he came under the bricks.

Apu was happy that she got everything. She would get Yug do whatever she wanted. Apu was hurt for what Raina did with her and she did not want her to be happy at all. Raina told Rishab that Yug was not there in the hall as she looked there. She said that he was lying and thought about Brahmarakshas. Rishab said that she had gone crazy. Rishab then holds her. They both got into an eye lock.

Aditya asked Narain about Apu. Naina was happy for inviting the banjara dancers. Yug was waiting for any step from Apu. Raina thought about her challenge to Rishab that he would wear her nighty and she said something to bua ji. Bua dadi said that Rishab would sing for Raina. Raina challenged him to do what she said.

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