Brahmarakshas 16th October 2016: Apu Warned Raina To Kill Her

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 16th October 2016: Rishab was asked to sing for Raina in the party. He sang for her. Raina smiled. Everyone smiled and clapped for him. Yug saw Apu’s missed calls and angrily called her back. Apu said that she wanted to come there and dance. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Yug denied and said that if anyone saw her there, they would send her to jail. She stated that she would there. Apu danced in the party with her veil on. She dragged everyone to the dance floor. She pushed Raina on electric wires. Her duppatta caught fire. Apu then turned into Brahmarakshas.

Brahmarakshas 16th October 2016

Rishab saw the fire and took Raina to her room. Mohini said that someone from dance group pushed her, but dance group denied and stated that the lady was not from their group. Mohini scolded them. Raina woke up. Dadi scolded Naina for calling such dance girls and said that she would not pay them.

Everyone asked Raina to take rest. Phuli came there and told her about the incident and stated that they needed to find out who was behind all that. But she said that she needed Brahmarakshas book. Rishab came there and asked them to stop talking about Brahmarakshas as he was dead.

Apu called Yug and told him that she came to the dance show, but no one noticed her. She told him that she saw Raina’ duppatta caught fire. Yug asked her if she did that.

Brahmarakshas 16th October 2016

Raina saw someone walking around her room in the dark. She got afraid. She hoped Rishab to come there. She saw him in a nighty and laughed. He asked her if he was looking hotter than her. She laughed and then he went to change. Yug said to dadi bua that he would go with Naina to farm house.

Dadi scolded him. Yug stated that Rishab and Raina should go then. Yug then asked if they would be leaving in the evening. They left in the car; it got punctured. Yug said that he would get mechanic and left from there. Apu came there. He gave her the keys and said that they would reach there in 2 hours.

They changed a tyre and went to the farm. Yug made Rishab drink the pegs. Mitali stated that they would play truth and dare game. Light went. Naina saw blood and said that it was animal’s blood. Raina said that they should go from there.

Brahmarakshas 16th October 2016

Raina drove the car, and Apu came. She hit her. People gathered as they saw Apu injured. Rishab asked them not to worry as they would take her with them. Apu smirked seeing Yug.

They brought her home. Dadi was shocked to see Apu. Aditya said that he did not know when Apu came from America. Apu woke up and acted like losing her memory. Doctor asked everyone to let her rest. Apu smirked and said that she would keep acting and would kill Raina.

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