Brahmarakshas 17th September 2016: Raina Wants To Know Who Gave Her Sleeping Injection

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 17th September 2016: Raina went home. Mohini asked Raina if she considered her marriage with Rishab real or not. Raina saw Appu standing in front of her and said that she accepted that marriage. Mohini then asked her to kick the rice bowl and get in the house. (check: Brahmaraksha Last Episode.)

She thought that Appu was the one who killed Brahmarakshas, she wanted to take revenge. Appu said to Aditya that Raina was staring at her, and she knew something. He asked her not to worry and asked her to go to her room. They then discussed their plan.

Brahmarakshas 17th September 2016

Raina got in the Rishab’s room and said that she would tell him the reasons later as to why she was doing all the things that he did not like at all. Rishab asked her if she did the marriage just for money. Raina said that she would grab all his money. They argued over it and then she walked out.

Mohini showed Appu that jewelry that she bought for Rakhi and said that she would gift them to Raina then. Nalin came there and asked them to rest.

Raina went to Appu’s room thinking of the clue she might get there. Nalin and Aditya thought her to be Appu in the dark and gave her an injection. They took her to the Brahmarakshas mandir. They were about to leave but saw Appu there and then got to know that they got someone else there.

Brahmarakshas 17th September 2016

Appu then told them that they were her parents who helped her kill Sanjay and grabbed his property too. She said that she might tell all the villagers about Aditya, and they would kill him. She warned them to be in their limits and then she left in the car. She then got to know that it was her imagination.

Phuli came to the mandir and asked Raina as what she was doing there. Appu also asked her the same. Raina said that she was there to kill Brahmarakshas who killed her parents and Rakhi too.

Phuli gave her a book containing all information about how to kill Brahmarakshas and how they were made. She then told her some important facts about them and what they were afraid of. Raina thought to follow everything, and she would reach her goal as her fate brought her there.

Aditya and Nalin discussed that Appu got escaped that time but next time they would plan something solid. Nalin said that Raina too was a threat for them. Mohini came to them and asked them to come for breakfast.

Appu came there and started talking with them. Raina came there. Appu asked her as for how she was there. Raina asked her where she should have been then. Appu left for a walk. Raina did not know who gave her the injection, but Aditya and Nalin were tensed.

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