Brahmarakshas 18th September 2016: Raina Told Everyone That Apu Was Sanjay’s Wife But Nobody Believes Her

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 18th September 2016: Raina went for a walk with Apu and said that she came to her room and did not find here there. She stated that she went to meet Mohini. She then asked her what she was doing with Mohini. Aditya and Nalin thought to keep an eye on both Raina and Apu. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Apu asked Raina if she wanted to kill Brahmarakshas. Raina denied and said that she was just there as she loved Rishab. A stone rolled towards them, but they got saved. Raina asked Apu as why she did not attend Rakhi’s wedding. She then asked if she got married.

Brahmarakshas 18th September 2016

Apu denied and said she did not have anyone. Raina thought that how well Apu was lying. Birju came there and confessed that he was Brahmarakshas. Aditya told Mohini that Raina went out for a walk when she asked to do the post- marriage rituals.

Raina heard Brahmarakshas sound. She asked Apu to run as Brahmarakshas was coming. They both ran in different directions. Raina tried to save Apu when she got stuck in between. Birju came there. Apu scolded him for not taking care of her and yelled at him a lot. Raina saw him roaring and said that he was Brahmarakshas. They both ran and reached Brahmarakshas haveli.

Brahmarakshas walked towards Apu and said that he would kill her. Rishab was searching for Apu and Apu and reached haveli. He made him run away by throwing something. Raina asked him what he did. Rishab said that he would tell her later. They then went back in the car. Apu realized that rajgira was not affecting Brahmarakshas because she was there. She realized that she was really Sanjay’s wife.

Raina reached home and told everyone that Apu was Sanjay’s wife, and she had seen her photo too in Brahmarakshas haveli. Apu asked her to stop her no- sense and asked Rishab to take her form there. Rishab took her to the room and wondered why she was lying about Apu. She said that she was not lying, but Rishab continued to yell at her and left from there.

Brahmarakshas 18th September 2016

Apu told Aditya and Nalin that Raina knew about her, and she had thought of killing her. Rishab heard and asked who she wanted to kill. Nalin replied Brahmarakshas. Apu said that she had a plan and asked him to help her. She asked him to send Raina from there as her life might get risked. He agreed and asked her to tell him the plan further.

Rishab went back to the room and saw Raina trying to apply for medicine on her back. He helped her and said that he would close his eyes while applying. Raina’s heart melted for him.

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