Brahmarakshas 22nd October 2016: Police Took Rishabh and Raina In Custody

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 22nd October 2016: Apu acted as losing her memory to stay at Raina and Rishab’s house. Mohini was angry as she did not want the murderer of her daughter to remain in the home. Even Aditya did not agree to let her stay in the house. Yug went to Apu and asked her if she bribed doctor as well.

Police came and said that they wanted to arrest Raina as she was in a hit and run case. The family was shocked. Apu was in deep sleep so they could not call her as well. Inspector took Raina in custody and asked Apu to come and give her statement and so that police could release her. Apu fumed knowing that Raina went to jail and she could not harm her that night.

Brahmarakshas 22nd October 2016

Rishab went to police and told them they that they got Apu treated and hence they could not arrest Raina. He asked them to let her in ladies cell. Inspector said that he could not. Rishab slapped him. He put him to in the jail. He asked the men in the cell to keep their tongue in control when they were talking with her.

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He sat with her holding her hand. She got emotional. Apu got in the jail as Brahmarakshas. Everyone got afraid when she roared. Dadi Bua called a lawyer and asked him to get Rishab and Raina out of jail. The door bell rang, and she saw Rishab and Raina outside. She then told Raina that she needs to keep karwaChauth fast for Rishab the day after. Rishab and Raina then went out for shopping.

Yug went to Apu’s room, but she was not there. Apu was in the market as Brahmarakshas. Rishab and Raina came back home when they saw people running after seeing come weird animal. Raina said that she felt that it was Brahmarakshas. They both went in their room.

Brahmarakshas 22nd October 2016

Yug again went to Apu’s room and asked her as for where she was. He said that he needed the money and warned that she knew what he could do. She got angry and said that even he was aware that what she could do. He lowered his eyes.

Raina went to the kitchen and tried halwa thinking that she would have to fast in the morning. She saw Rishab coming and said that she would do dieting by keeping the fast and not like her who just stuffed their mouth and got their tummy out. Rishab stated that he could make her fast each day.

She then watched the tv and got tempted to see the burger’s advertisement. Rishab got some food and asked her if she wanted to have, but she denied. Apu was looking at them and thought to attack Rishab as he was Raina’s weakness.

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