Brahmarakshas 27th August 2016: Sanjay truth of becoming Brahma Raksha revealed ?

Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 27th August 2016 episode :Rishab killed his sister and was crying. He imagined Rakhi who asked him as why he did not save her even when she pleaded. He tried to hug her. She said that he should break the Rakhi thread as he was not fit for it.

Brahmarakshas 27th August 2016 Saturday Episode

He then came out of imagination and was trying to break he thread, but Raina came there and tried to stop him. He asked him that he would be able to save other sisters at least and said that he had to Brahma Rakshas. She told me to become her Rakhi brother, and they would find a way together. He agreed. (Also See: Splitsvilla Latest Episode)

A mad woman entered Aditya’s haveli and started warning him not to try to sell that village by money as brahmarakshas would kill everyone. He asked her to get out. She said that he lost his daughter, and more lives would be at stack as brahmarakshas would kill everyone, no one would be saved. Malhotra asked someone to kick her out. Raina reminds of brahmarakshas. The woman was dragged out, but she kept on shouting that brahmarakshas would kill everyone.

Rishab thought that Bhavri knew about brahmarakshas and went to her to ask her about the solution. She told him that brahmarakshas was not a murderer. He too was a nice soul but got betrayed by his lovely wife and hence he killed every wife and would not stop. She also told him that the story started from that haveli only.

Brahmarakshas 27th August 2016

Raina thought to go to Haveli alone but was afraid. She saw a lotus on the road and thought that god wanted her to show something. She went inside haveli holding that Lotus. She prayed God to show her the way.


Raina heard brahmarakshas roar and got afraid and hold the lotus more tightly. She fell on a photo and thought whose photo it could be. It was Sanjay and Appu’s photo.

Rishab went to talk to Appu maa about Sanjay’s wife.  Raina saw the picture and saw Sanjay very happy in the picture, but he was betrayed in love. But he was doing wrong killing other girls. Raina came out and thought if she should go to Rishab and tell him that she had found the girl.

Apu maa did not meet Rishab. Nalin asked him to leave as she could not bear his presence. Mohini said that they should keep the secret, a secret only as Rakhi only knew it but she was dead.  Raina went there and heard their conversation.

Rishab asked Raina as why she was there. Raina said that she saw a picture in haveli and saw the woman who killed Sanjay. Sanjay became brahmarakshas only because of her. Rishab made a plan to get Mohini to the haveli.

Aditya told Rishab that brahmarakshas were not anywhere, and that meant that he was in someone else’s body and thought about the servants’ chitti and Raina.

Title:Brahmarakshas 27th August 2016 Episode

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