Brahmarakshas 28th August 2016: Raina and Rishabh decide Marry To Kill Brahm Rakshas

Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 28th August 2016 : Rishab and Raina ran for their life when they heard brahmrakshas coming and saw a man walking outside. Ved came holding the snake and said that he killed it as he was coming in his way. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Rishab got that man and found him to be Ajay. He asked what he was doing there. He told them that he came to haveli as he was missing Rakhi. He said that he too heard some sound. Rishab told them about Brahma Rakshas story and stated that he was innocent and was betrayed and killed by his wife.


Brahmarakshas 28th August 2016

The car was not working, and hence everyone returned to Aditya’s haveli. Brahmarakshas came at night and dragged Mohini. Raina heard and ran out to save Mohini. She reminded that Brahma Rakshas was after of water.

She asked Mitali to switch on the water hose. Brahmarakshas ran leaving Mohini. Rishab was not there at that time. Raina thought that he was BrahmaaRakshas.

Family asked Mohini to calm down. Ved doubted on everyone and checked as who was the Brahma Rakshas. Yug asked where Ajay was. Gayatri told him that he was in his room and mourning Rakhi’s death and asked no one to disturb him. He went to knock Ajay’s door.

Brahmarakshas 28th August 2016

Raina went to Rishab and said that she knew he was brahmarakshas. He asked her if she had gone mad and laughed. She threw kumkum on her forehead and provoked him to attack her. He laughed and stated that she was looking funny doing that.

The family discussed to protect themselves from Brahm Rakshas and distributed Lotus and rajgeera among themselves. Aditya said that one of the family members was brahmarakshas. Anil stated that he had hired a person who would get them away from that village.

Raina asked Rishab to stop joking. He held her hand and said that even he wanted to kill Brhma rakshas as he heard his sister’s pleas. But it was not easy to get Brahma Rakshas out as he came out only when he saw bride. He then questioned her as who would risk her life so that he could take revenge from Brahmaa Rakshas.

Raina said that she knew who could. She asked him to marry her. She would become a new bride and brahmrakshas would come out. He walked towards her and said that he was ready as he wanted to give justice to his sister.

She asked him to marry that time only as they were going to leave the next day and they had to kill Braham Rakshas before that. She said to him that it was a fake marriage, and she was not really interested in marrying him.

He stated that he was tensed and worried as he did not want him or her to die. He hugged her and said that they would take the revenge.

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