Brahmarakshas 29 October 2016: Rishabh’s Ex-Girlfriend Kaira Comes Back

Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016: Rishab applied sindoor on Raina’s forehead. He stood silent. He said that it was not emotional and they would be getting apart soon time soon. She thought not to be upset as she was to go soon. Dadi scolded Nalin and asked to control his wife and stop her wife from doing pooja.

Apu came there and asked them to stop believing in superstitions. Nalin asked her to let that Pooja happen and said that he would talk to Mohini soon. The whole family sat for pooja except bua and Apu. Apu locked herself in the room. Apu stated that Mohini was very superstitious.

Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016

Dadi scolded her and said that she seemed to be allergic to pooja. As pooja started, Apu felt uneasy and thought that the whole family would come to know the truth, but she would not let that happen. Her hands turned blue. She walked out. She transformed into Brahmarakshas.

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Phuli prayed to get evil out of that house. Phuli said that Brahmarakshas was there, but bua asked drummers to get out. Nalin asked them to stop that drama and said that there was no Brahmarakshas. Nalin asked Phuli to get out. Raina signed her to stay outside.

Nalin thought that Mohini spoiled his plan. Apu came and asked about Brahmarakshas. Nalin told her that they all killed her together. Apu said that Raina was the problem. She stated that she had a plan to get her out.

Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016

Mohini cried as she was missing Rakhi. Raina consoled her and said that she would stay there for some more days. Apu heard them. Phuli was waiting outside in the dark. Raina the came there and asked her if they could tackle Brahmarakshas by rajgira and lotus. She said that they did not know if it would work that time.

Rishab and family were doing dinner. Mohini asked about Apu. Rishab’s ex- girlfriend Kaira came. Everyone the looked at each other in surprise. Raina was shocked when she told about herself and said that she was Rishab’s ex- girlfriend. Nalin stated that he called her as she was on business trip there. Mohini went to her room and asked Nalin as what he did. He said that he wanted to manage business.

Kaira said to Naina that she would get back Rishab at any cost.

Raina went to room and asked Rishab to get medicine. She thought to talk to Kaira.  Kaira came there and asked her to get out of Rishab’s life indirectly. Raina went back to room and saw Rishab’s and Kaira’s pic on the box. She said to Rishab that she should go out and walked out sadly. Apu said that she would kill Raina at any cost as she became Brahmarakshas because of her as she did not help her.

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