Brahmarakshas 2nd October 2016: Appu Finally Killed Brahma Rakshash

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 2nd October 2016: Rishab family went to the temple. Ajay walked in silently followed by Yug and Rishab. Apu was seen with Rakhi in the car, and everyone got to know that she was alive. Apu tied Rakhi’s hands. Apu asked her to be quiet and not to create any drama. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Rakhi opened the car door and jumped out and started running in the jungle. Raina asked Rishab where he was. He told her that they were following Ajay who was the Brahmarakshas. Raina was shocked. Rishab heard Rakhi in the jungle shouting for help.

Brahmarakshas 2nd October 2016

He was surprised and happy to know that his sister was alive. Apu caught her when Rishab was just about to see her. She dragged her to Brahmarakshas Mandir and made her wear the bridal dress and tied her. She smirked and said that she had to become the Brahmarakshas wife.

She asked Rakhi to play the music to call Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas walked towards the temple. Yug caught Ajay and aimed a gun at him. He pleaded for help. Raina reached there on time and saved Ajay. She then told Yug that Ajay was not Brahmarakshas else he would have attacked by that time.

Brahmarakshas walked towards Rakhi and Apu. Apu called Brahmarakshas in the way she used to call him when she was his wife, and he was alive. She shouted that his wife was waiting for him. He roared and got angry and walked towards them saying that he would not spare her.

Brahmarakshas 2nd October 2016

Just then Rishab came there and saved Rakhi. Her head was injured as Apu threw her very badly. Apu saw Rishab and hit herself on the stone and started acting that she was saving Rakhi from Brahmarakshas and wanted to kill Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas hit the Rishab and threw him in air.

Rakhi too fell unconscious. Apu called him to save her, and she stabbed Brahmarakshas in the chest and killed him. Rakhi too dies. Someone captured Brahmarakshas soul in the bottle. Phuli came there and cried and said that Brahmarakshas was good before he became Brahmarakshas but he met an ill fate. She then saw the blood on the stone and thought that someone else was also there and said that it was a sign for the big disaster.

She then saw the blood on the stone and thought that someone else was also there and said that it was a sign of the big catastrophe.

Rishab’s family mourned Rakhi’s death. Nalin and Aditya asked Apu to get out of the house. Apu said that he managed to kill Brahmarakshas when they all could not. He stated that she made her daughter kill for killing Brahmarakshas. He asked her to leave.

Raina consoled Rishab. Apu came there. She and Raina fell into an argument over Rakhi’s death. Rishab took Raina side and said that he always tried to kill Brahmarakshas but save Rakhi’s life. Rishab went to his room and cried a lot seeing his picture with Rakhi.

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