Brahmarakshas 30 October 2016: Rishabh Asks Raina To Leave The House

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016: Apu heard Aarti in the temple. She became Brahmarakshas. She tried to enter temple but fell. She killed Pandit Ji. Raina woke up screaming. Rishab too wakes up and asked her if she was okay. He gave her water.

Raina told him that each time Brahmarakshas got afraid of different things. He asked her not to worry and asked her to rest. He then walked out and thought that Brahmarakshas was back in their life. Kaira came and said that he had changed a lot after marriage.

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

He stated that their break up changed him and stated that she left him. She said that how he could marry a low-class girl like Raina. She asked him to say that he did not like Raina. Raina heard it and left sadly. He asked her to go. She fumed seeing him ignoring her. Rishab came and looked at Raina.

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Kaira went to Raina’s father house and removed CPR machine plug. Raina rushed when she heard some sound. Her father gasped the air. Raina got panicked seeing him. Rishab called the doctor. Raina called phuli. Apu asked Kaira to get Rishab out somehow. Apu told her that nalin was on her side and would help her. Raina and Kaira got into an argument.

Dadi thought that she had to keep an eye on Kaira and make sure that she did not interfere between Rishab and Raina. Mitali said that she too did not like Kaira at all.

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Raina thought that Kaira was Brahmarakshas.  Kaira went to Apu and said to her that Raina felt that it was blood on her face, but that was beetroot juice.

Raina took upma for Rishab in the room. Rishab thought why she was taking care of him when their marriage was fake. She asked him to finish the food and left from there. Raina thought that Rishab still loved Kaira. Mohini asked her as what happened to her. She told her that Brahmarakshas was back. Apu and Kaira were watching them. Apu asked Kaira to get ready when she saw Rishab coming. She made her fall in Rishab’s arms. Raina saw them and felt sad.

Apu made a plan to kill Raina by making the fan fell on her, but that time Rishab was on the bed and not Raina. But Raina came on time and saved Rishab. Kaira came there and asked what happened. Raina warned her not to come close to Rishab.

Everyone came. She said that Kaira was around and that was why everything was happening. Rishab got angry and asked her to stop it when she stated that Kaira was Brahmarakshas. He asked Raina to leave if she wanted. Raina packed her bags and cried a lot.

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