Brahmarakshas 3rd September 2016: BrahmaRakshas was within Anil’s body

Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 3rd September 2016: Raina said that Sanjay killed innocent girls and hence they had to stop him from doing that further. Rishab told the taxi driver that he wanted to go to Brahmarakahas mandir. Everyone was waiting for him and Rainaa at haveli. Aditya said that they had to find Phuli to find Rishabh and Raina as they were with Phuli. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Phuli took Rishab and Rainaa to the mandir and said that it was the place where the story started and would end. Phuli told them that Sanjay became Brahmarakshas there only when his wife pushed him from terrace and animal tried to eat him. That was the only place where Brahmarakahas did not come and could be killed if came. Phuli said that if someone became a bride, Brahmarakahas would come there. Raina said that she was ready to become the bride and asked Phuli to make all the arrangements.

Brahmarakshas 3rd September 2016

Mohini and everyone else was searching for Phuli and Rishabh and Rainaa in all the temples. Nalini started getting skin blisters. He said that he would not come inside the temple as he was getting an allergic reaction. Mohini stated that they would go in and get them back. She entered the temple and saw Rishab and Rainaa in front of havan getting ready for marriage.

She asked Rishab if he was actually getting married to Raina. Rishabh replied that it was a fake marriage just to call Brahmarakshas there and to kill him. She asked them to stop else she would commit suicide. She said that she did not want to lose her daughter Rainaa and son Rishab. She brought them out. Anil was missing from there.

They all reached haveli. Naina asked Anil as where he was. Ved saw blisters on Anil’s hand and asked him to show. Anil hesitated and took his hand away. Aditya said that he was Brahmarakshas as he was carrying fake lotus and rajgira with him. Anil turned into Brahmarakahas. Everyone shouted in fear.

Brahmarakshas 3rd September 2016

Rishab shoot at him but bullets did not affect Brahmarakshas. Brahmarakshas then came out of Anil’s body. Brahmarakahas threw the van towards the cliff. Everyone managed to get out of van except Rishabh and Raina.

Brahma Rakshas pushed the van further. Van fell the cliff. Mohini shouted Rishab and Rainaa and started crying. Villagers said that they would have died after falling from such height. She warned them not to say that again.

Villagers went to check the van but did not find it. Mohini cried out loudly but just then they heard Raina shouting for help. Villagers saw Rishab hanging on a tree branch holding Rainaa. Rishab pulled Raina up. Villagers throw a rope to get them up. Mohini felt relieved knowing that Rishabh and Raina were alive.

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