Brahmarakshas 4th September 2016: Aparajita Decides To Visit Kamalpura

Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 29th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 4th September 2016: Villagers saved Rishab and Raina. Everyone started blaming each other for whatever was happening. Ajay shouted all of them to stop alleging on each other. He too engaged in a fight with Ved. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

Rishabh calmed both of them. Nalin scolded Aditya that it was just because of him that they all were facing the problems. Aditya thought that the best way to get rid of Brahma Rakshas was to get Aparajita there. He thought of the best to call Aparajita there.


Brahmarakshas 4th September 2016

Rishab was speaking to Raina over the phone and discussed how they could get out of the house and manage to kill Brahma Rakshas somehow. They argued with each other over silly matters. Rishab got down but noticed Phuli behind him. Phuli asked him if he wanted to take revenge from Brahmarakshas or not. Rishab said that he wanted.

Raina was missing her father a lot and cried seeing his picture. Just then she got a call from her dad. He asked her if she was fine. She replied back yes in a very low voice. He was worried for her and thought to go to Kamalpura as she might be in some problem.

Rishab asked Raina to come down, but she stepped back seeing Mohini and Gayatri. Gayatri was crying as she was missing Anil. Mohini hugged her and tried to console her. Raina managed to go out somehow to meet Rishab and Phuli. Phuli gave her Aparajita’s jewelry and also told them that Sanjay’s wife was wearing them when she killed him.

Brahmarakshas 4th September 2016

Rishabh and Raina came back in Rishab’s room and discussed their plan to kill Brahma Rakshas. They got net and lotus and raj Gira as Brahmarakshas was afraid of all of them. They planned a way to kill Brahmarakshas. Just then Naina knocked Rishab’s room. Raina hides on seeing her.

She gave food to Rishabh and said that she was going to Raina’s room to give her food. Rishab asked her not to as she might have slept by that time. Naina agreed and went out. Raina and Rishab resumed their plan about killing Brahma Rakshas.  Raina started liking Rishab. She liked his touch and felt that she had begun loving him. They then made dinner together.

Aparajita thought that Brahmarakshas would have been killed as she got money from haveli sale. She was trapped in Rishab’s plan. Aparajita then called Aditya. He said that Brahma Rakshas was alive and was not killed, and haveli was not sold.

He stated that he took a business loan to get such huge money transfer to her bank account. She fumed and thought that Nalini wanted her share. She thought to go to Kamalpura and asked servants to pack her bags as she would leave for Kamalpura.

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