Brahmarakshas 8th October 2016: Apu Said She Owned That Village But No One Helped Her

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 8th October 2016: Rishab cried in front of Raina that his sister was alive as he did not feel that she died at all. Raina thought how he would know that Apu was the culprit and she hid Rakhi. She tried to tell him, but he said that he did not see her face in haveli’s photo. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

He argued with her and said that she was not related to Rakhi and so she could not feel his emotions. She argued and stated that she risked her life to save Rakhi and even he betrayed her by planning with Apu to send her back with her dad to Mumbai. He became angrier and said that his relation with her was fake and she had to go back Mumbai with her dad. Their argument continued.

Brahmarakshas 8th October 2016

Apu fumed that Mohini kicked her out of the house. She said that she did right by killing Rakhi. If she could not spare her own husband then how she could spare her. She thought that everything belonged to her as Sanjay was dead then. She then remembered that Rakhi was held by someone whom Rakhi was trying to tell, but she did not listen to who it was.

Aditya and Nalin said sarpaanch not to help Apu. Naina said to Ved that she did not know that Apu was that cruel. She got afraid seeing Yug and Mohini.

Raina packed her bags and fumed as Rishab was so arrogant with her. She found a lotus under the table. Rishab came there, and their argument again started. He asked her not to leave as his mom kept some pooja and wanted her to attend it. Yug tortured Naina and pushed her on the floor. Raina saw her, but Naina said that she slipped. They then walked towards the kitchen to prepare for pooja.

Brahmarakshas 8th October 2016

Apu was in a hut. Villagers came to her and shouted that they would kick her out of the village. She asked them not to as she gave them money, but they denied and said that they did not want anyone who harmed their village.

Raina invited Phuli for pooja. She then looked for Brahmarakshas book, but Rishab told her that he gave that book to Apu.

Pooja started. Rishab filled vermillion on Raina’s forehead and did the pooja. Apu came there to get food, but Yug caught her. They asked her to get out, but she said that everything belonged to her and she was hungry. Mohini threw money on her face and asked guards to kick her out.

Raina and Phuli and everyone except Mohini packed their bags and were leaving in cars.

Apu was in the jungle and got afraid hearing gorilla’s roar. Raina saw Apu in the jungle and asked Rishab if they should help her. He denied.

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