Britain’s Got Talent 2022: Fans Accuse Show of ‘staging’ surprise audition for singing doctor Bambang Atmaja

Britain's Got Talent 2022: Doctor Bambang Atmaja Surprises With His Voice On Amanda Holden Invitation
Britain's Got Talent 2022: Doctor Bambang Atmaja Surprises With His Voice On Amanda Holden Invitation

Amanda Holden was caught on camera “surprising” a cancer doctor (Bambang Atmaja) with an invitation to the auditions, leaving the fans of Britain’s Got Talent perplexed.

The 30-year-old Oncologist Bambang Atmaja thought he would be going to talk about something related to cancer being a cancer doctor when he was invited to the Heart Radio Station. Instead, Amanda Holden

invited him to audition for Britain’s Got Talent 2022, and it took everyone by surprise.

Amanda told her colleague Jamie Theakston that she is actually going to invite him to Britain’s Got Talent and sing for all of them.

In the video being shared, Bambang is featured being guided throughout the way from the building to the room. Just as he opens the door, Bambang gets surprised to see Amanda and Jamie inside the room.

Amanda revealed that one of Bambang’s colleagues had nominated him for the show. The young doctor accepted the invitation and surprised fans and the viewers with his rendition of Beyonce’s Listen.

But, some viewers were skeptical that all the drama was staged beforehand.

One tweeted: “What is with all these set up acts #BGT.”

While another commented: “this whole show is staged lmao of course his audition is gonna be fake also #bgt.”

A third remarked: “Sure, this guy walks into a radio interview and gets an “invite” to BGT, never mind all the auditions and contracts he needs… #BritainsGotTalent #bgt.”

“So they are surprising a guy to come sing on #bgt ?..dont they invite all ppl on these days?” another questioned.

There were people who admired his incredible voice.

“Bambang did really well – He’s got a great soulful voice. However for a song like that you need much more power more oomph!! But he still did really well a great audition. #BGT”

While another commented: “What a voice #BGT.”

A third insisted: “Should have got the golden buzzer.”

BGT will return on Monday at 8pm on ITV.

Who is doctor Bambang Atmaja?

Per his official Instagram account, the doctor’s real and full name is Bambang Trytia Atmaja. The bio states that he is an Oncologist practicing Medical Oncology at the Royal Marsden. He has also tagged himself as an occasional singer, and has close to 1000 followers on Instagram.

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