BTS Wings 4: Watch Suga Stars In New Short Film “First Love”

Wings 4
Wings 4

WINGS 4: A new short film by enigmatic short films of BTS is out, and it stars Suga for the first time. These films are the part of an album titled “WINGS.” The very first short film in the album was titled “BEGIN.” It had Jungkook and shows living out a terrifying nightmare. (check: Sherlock Season 4 Updates.)

The second in the series got the title “LIE” and it featured Jimin residing in a psychiatric facility. Yesterday, the third part was released titled “STIGMA” which was an excellent opportunity to showcase his intense acting skills. In that, he was arrested and locked up.


These short films are appealing, and the fans are getting really attracted. Thus, they are always looking forward to watch them and theorize its concept. They have found a connection between this concept and “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” concept as well as with the novel ‘Demian’ by Hermann Hesse that Rap Monster recites from in each part.

The latest in the series is titled “First Love” and it stars Suga. Suga has given a really touching, beautiful, heartbreaking, and mesmerizing performance just as the others have.

Wings 4
In the meantime, there are several reports which suggest that group is planning to release its second album ” WINGS” this October.

Stay tuned for more news.

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