‘Captain America: Civil War’ Movie Review and Rating: Marvel At Its Best

Captain America 7th Day Collection 7 Days CA:CW 1st Week Box Office
Captain America 7th Day Collection 7 Days CA:CW 1st Week Box Office

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review Rating: The wait is finally over. The third installment of Steve Rogers saga is finally out and is one of the finest films from the comic book giant known as Marvel Studios. (check: Supreme box office collections.)

The story is based on the famous 2006 comic book crossover of the same name, but the screenwriters have adapted it to suit their cinematic version. The movie opens with an Avengers mission going south, causing politicians to freak out and make the “Enhanced” answerable to them.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

But then another incident involving Bucky puts Cap straight away on the wrong side of things, and the Battle Royale between The Avengers begin. The Russo brothers have done a fantastic job juggling these characters, and the introduction to T’Challa and Peter Parker fit well within their established tone. (share: mothers day quotes.)

The airport action sequence is simply the best comic book series ever seen. The occasional quips between the characters are entertaining, particularly Spidey’s, and Ant-Man gets a HUGE moment (pun intended). Behind all the punching and drama, a mastermind is manipulating the events for an entirely shocking reveal.

Each and every character in this movie gets a chance to shine, and the connection between Wanda Maximoff and Vision seems natural as well as cute. Sam Wilson and Bucky too share a comic sense, but the story of Tony and Steve is the most heartbreaking of all. The third act of the movie is built much around betrayal and an emotional scenario for Tony.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review Rating

In one of the rare cases, the villain succeeds in what he wanted and even though he is imprisoned, he is satisfied. The background score compliments well for the story, and the movie keeps the audience well gripped till the end.

Let me get this straight; this is not an Avengers movie. It is very much a sequel to 2014’s Winter Soldier and revolves much around the Bucky-Steve relationship.

Civil War features an essentially noncartoonish plot, keeping comic book fans delighted, and the general audience intrigued. In many ways, this is much better than Batman V Superman, which explored similar themes.

The story evolves organically, and the final confrontation is inevitable once the truth unfolds. This movie is not about the Avengers teaming up to kill a threat or level cities; this is Friends vs. Friends which is more investing than any other plot device.

Captain America: Civil War Movie Review rating

Civil War lives up the high standard set by The Winter Soldier and even surpasses Age of Ultron for that matter. The Marvel Universe has been left shattered, deconstructed, and looks like it will take an Infinity War to bring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together again.

Captain America: CW is now playing in theaters across the globe.

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