‘Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl 2016 Spot Video Review

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl 2016 Spot Video Review: First of all, a huge shout out to my brother in arms- Aditya, for his help in writing this piece. Not just this, he is my source of information for most of my superhero knowledge. This section is running because of his immense support. (share: Chocolate Day wishes.)

Now, done with being maudlin, time to go Gaga over our favorite heroes.  The thirty-second long “Captain America: Civil War” Super Bowl spot made its way online yesterday and left every one with goosebumps; nothing less was expected of them. After all, Marvel Comic Universe is the most money-making movie franchise till date; they’ve got an image to maintain. More so, it’s not just about money, Marvel Studios have garnered a loyal fan base in recent years with their epic stories.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl 2016 Spot Video Review

United We Stand. Divided We Fall. This was the tagline for the upcoming Marvel epic “Captain America: Civil War”- the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. The 30-second video is simply amazing.

We get a glimpse of Bucky Barnes- the Winter Soldier in a cryogenic containment-like machine, Falcon perching on a rooftop (probably controlling his drone, the cinematic version of Redwing), Scarlet Witch gasping in horror, Tony using another upgrade to stop Bucky’s bullet (Wow!), stupefied Black Widow and of War Hammer (Machine, formerly) lying unconscious. Marvel teased the fans with the comments like “a price to pay” and Iron Man’s declaration “You chose the wrong side” (Meant for Spidey, I think). Our first look at Ant Man (Human sized, neither giant nor small) and The Vision as well as Black Panther in an awesome montage shot, classic comic book style was a moment of bewitchment.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl 2016 Spot Video Review

Every time the dust from their last revelation starts to settle, Marvel Studios release something that leads to an epic storm of amazement. This release too, could not be more well-timed. Just as the trail from the movie was getting cold and DC was beginning to gain attention, they released the clip. The PR team of DC movies is going to have a tough time.

The folks from Marvel disclosed nothing new, yet they stole the show. Make no mistake; this is not an Avengers movie. This is not a “Superhero buddies” film. This is not A-Two-Guys-In-a-Similar-Suit/Powers having a go at each other. This is the closure to Steve Rogers’ story. This is different from everything Marvel has done so far. Once again, they proved that they have the Crown for a reason. This is war. Civil War. I chose my side. Did you?

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl 2016 Spot Video Review

Captain America Civil War opens in theaters on May 6th, 2016.


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