‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer: Few Things You Missed


‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer: The folks at Marvel Studios have this innate ability to maintain the secrecy of key events of a movie until its very release and astounding the audience every time, without fail. The release of the first trailer of “Captain America: Civil War” was a surprise in itself but it was nothing compared to some incidents that featured in the trailer. The trailer has left fans in a state of awe and frenzy and everybody is speculating as to what would happen in the movie.

Marvel is also known for dropping several hints about major plot points in the trailers and interviews released by the production house. Being an ardent Marvel fan myself, I try to look for easter eggs in the trailers and I like getting my hands on every bit of information about the storyline that I possibly can.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer: Few Things You Missed

So, here’s a list of a few things that I found in the trailer and I think they could play a significant role in the outcome of the story:


Miss Marvel has never been talked about in the Marvel Movie Universe and hasn’t ever been seen in the movies. Yet she was featured twice in the opening animation of the Marvel logo. Some think this could be an indication of this character’s involvement in the upcoming installments of Marvel movies. Maybe Marvel is preparing to line up its characters for Infinity Wars. Maybe this was just an easter egg for sincere comic book fans. Guess we’ll have to wait until the release of Civil War in order to know more.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

In “Avengers: Age of Ultron”, Scarlet Witch was seen manipulating matter with her powers. In the airport fight scene we all saw in the trailer, she could be seen flying. She has her powers enhanced somehow, which I expect, would be explained in the movie. This could also mean other superheroes may have their powers enhanced too like Falcon would be getting a support drone which was actually a hawk in the comics.

  • CROSSBONES                                                                  

This was something only keen and observant Marvel fans could see. We caught a very short glimpse, rather a peek of Crossbones in the trailer. Agent Rumlow, who was last seen in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, would return as Crossbones. He would supposedly fend off Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon singlehandedly in a full-fledged fight scene.


Baron Zemo is a major, hot-shot villain in the Marvel Universe and one of Captain America’s arch nemeses. The name written on the van is the name of Baron Zemo’s native place. Producers have also confirmed his presence in the movie.


Like the scene which featured Crossbones, this scene too was a short one. One could see Martin Freeman (whose role is not yet known) and Emily VanCamp (Sharon Carter) standing at the side of the frame. Martin Freeman could be essaying the role of an interrogator while Emily VanCamp would be playing Captain America’s love interest in the movie.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer

Black Panther’s involvement in the movie is still unclear, but it is sure to be an important one. In the trailer, it can be seen that he has enhanced physical abilities and strength (he was outrunning Captain America!) and producers have confirmed that he would be wearing a vibranium costume (which would render any attacks on him futile). This movie would set up a base for his role and would give leads for his standalone movie releasing in 2018.

There’s more stuff to be revealed, keep an eye on this column for more.