Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th April 2016: Monday Episode Colors TV

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2016

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th April 2016: Ashoka came to a temple where he came with Kaurvaki. He looked at thread and recalled Dharma asking Kaurvaki to be on his side for life and tied a thread on the tree. Kaurvaki told him what she asked from Maa. He couldn’t tell her and only wished to fulfill his mother’s wish. (check: CAS All Episodes.)

Kaurvaki was running in the corridor. Her dupatta caught fire because of diya that fell. She was unaware of it. Ashoka thought that he would first fight with her.she said so much and didn’t let him speak and promised her lifelong friendship.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 11th April 2016

Jagannath stood in Kaurvaki’s way. She said she was going to do repentance for her mistake. He held her hand. She said it was of utmost importance to her to gain respect. She left angrily. Jagannath vowed not to let his daughter marry a Maurya till he lived.

Siamak said that it was hatred for Maurya’s in my blood so hates Sushim and Ashoka. He could have hugged him. Helena stated that they both loved him. They were worried that their love might take away from his destiny. His mother loved Bindu, but he cheated her.Till marriage, he hid from Noor that he gave his heart to Dharma. He married her as he wanted Khurasani support.

Justin saved her life. They began to understand each other’s pain became friends and fell in love. Siamak vowed that Maurya pays for the insults done to his father and mother. Helena said Noor told Justin the truth.

Siamak recalled Justin saved him and addressed him as his son. He wanted to kill Noor when Justin told him his truth. He wanted to live so as to protect him, to help his get his right.  Both Justin and Noor died because of the pain is given by Bindu. He was the culprit of their tears. She advised him to continue to be Bindu’s son.

The soldiers surrounded the women. Dharma stood in front of all the ladies bravely pointing a knife at Unani soldiers. Winning does not mean being cheap.They would go before his Raja but within respect.

The ladies came in the courtroom.Bindu stood chained.Siamak was also brought there.Nicator and Mir smiled seeing him.Helena came and directly sat on the throne.Nicator said these Maurya’s are culprit.Decided their punishment.Dharma thought of Ashoka.

Helena asked Sushim calling him Mouse as his silence wouldn’t keep him alive too long. Either he hid somewhere, or he went for help. She asked Mir to end all the ways to enter the palace and to search for sushim as dead or alive. Charu looked worried. Mir went to prepare.

Sushim asked Ashoka what was he thinking as every moment spent meant danger for everyone back home. They had to be together to fight. He narrated everything to Ashoka. They chose right time and place and attacked so smartly. They knew about the tunnels, and they had no option.

Everyone told Ashoka to leave. Ashoka laughed and said that they had a great plan and wanted to kill him on the way. If he trusted, he would have left without a second thought. Sushim insisted that he was not lying and to come in the name of Mata Dharma. Ashoka told not to use his mum’s name sushim refused to leave without him.

Ashoka aimed his sword at Sushim. Sushim dropped his sword. He said that it was true they were enemies and will always be. He didn’t come to kill him as he had best soldiers of Magadh. Sushim kneeled down before Ashoka and folded his hands and said to save Magadh.

Ashoka stated that they would leave for Patliputra.

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