Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th March 2016: Ashoka Accused Of Killing Drupad

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th April 2016

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th March 2016The episodes starts that Charu is worried if Sushim will do his job in time. Helena was sure and told he is perfect. Bindu addresses Ashoka’s turn.  Ashoka and karuvaki close eyes to seek god’s blessing. Sushim replaces the arrow. Ashoka hits the first arrow perfectly. Helena comes to talk something important to Bindu. (check: CAS Last Episode.)

Ashoka hits another aim perfectly. Sushim signals Inderjeet to wait. Helena informs Bindu of not getting permission to meet her father so came before citizens with her plea. Ashoka picks the last arrow. Bindu tells Helena she does not require any permission. He will arrange for her and free her from duties. Sushim signaled Inderjeet to get ready. Flashbacks show the backup plan or Inderjeet if Ashoka fails.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th March 2016

Drupad says he will make preparations for dad’s departure. Ashoka shoots an arrow. Bindu ducks to pick Drupad. The arrow hits the wall. Inderjeet’s arrow hits Drupad. Helena says Ashoka hits the arrow. Bindu calls for vaid. (check: CAS All Episodes.)

Everyone gathered. Sushim looked worried and thought how drupad gets hit instead of the father. Drupad is in pain and feels like vomiting. Charu thought it as an opportunity.

Ashoka should not be saved. Charu tells Shubhrasi. She drops the plate. Charu says he is lying in pain. First Sushim and then Drupad. Both rani’s run towards Drupad. Bindu shakes Drupad to keep him awake.

Ashoka tries to go near him, but Sushim hits him. Drupad extends his arms towards Ashoka. He picks him up and asks forgiveness. Ashoka cries. Drupad closes his eyes and dies. Shubhrasi screams. A Daasi informs Radha Gupta.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th March 2016

Charu blames Ashoka. It was his birthday today. What harm did Drupad do? Shubhrasi calls Ashoka killer and takes Drupad and curses that God will snatch everything from Ashoka. He sits quietly with teary eyes. It was an accident.

Sushim says the arrow was actual to kill Samrat. Ashoka tells him to be quiet. He refuses. Charu points that Drupad trusted Ashoka and he killed him. Was it justified? She says justice happens if the culprit is punished.

Siamank, Shubhrasi and people asked to do justice. Bindu helplessly calls a meeting. Mahamatya addreses the issue in the meeting, but Ashoka calls it lie. Sushim says he don’t want to wait to become Samrat. Ashoka calls his thinking cheap. Bindu tells to stay in limits.

Sushim sys the aim was on other direction, but the direction goes entirely different. It can only happen if Ashoka wants it. Radha Gupta asks if the arrow was same. Mahamatya confirms Ashoka’s arrow have white feather.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th March 2016

Radha agreed but said might someone else had done this. That someone should be present. Sushim agrees. It was only three of them. They can consult Kaurvaki. She says Ashoka cannot kill anyone. Helena tells her to speak matter of facts. She accepts no one else was there.

Bindu remarks that all the evidence were against Ashoka, and he will announce the punishment after doing the last rites of his beloved son Drupad.

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