Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th March 2016: Ashok Faces Citizens and Bindusara

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd June 2016

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th March 2016The episode started as Ashok said I am against Das tradition and wanted to end it forever. People cheered. He promised he would speak to father on this matter and was sure he would do justice. People got happy. (see: Chakravarti Ashok Samrat 25th Mar. 2016.)

Dharma was grinding necessary herbs. Shubhrasi wondered what happened to family. Sushim told her mother that Ashoka was attending tribe marriage with Kaurvaki. Charu said that his absence is good and he should be before his father when he opens his eyes.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th March 2016

Charumitra told Sushim that Samrat should also know that when he gained conscious, his son was spending time with Kaurvaki. They both came to palace. He was aghast by Das tradition when he came to know Bindu was ill and rushed to father’s room. (watch: CAS All Episodes.)

Ashoka came to his room and asked what happened. Bindu took Ashoka’s name and he began to gain conscious. Charu talked that he was busy with Kaurvaki when his father was worried about so many things. Kaurvaki left crying. Dharma told her not to speak now.

Raj Vaid seconded Dharma and said that Bindu is a weak heart man, and the tensions wouldn’t do well to him. Ashok said he won’t let anything happen. Acharya asked Ashoka to come. Ashoka left followed by Sushim and Siamak.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th March 2016

Outside people shouted for justice. Mahamatya told that Samrat Bindusar was unwell, and justice would happen. The citizens were upset that if he was unwell, then Yuvraj shouldn’t have made announcements and now servants had stopped working and how the tax would be paid.

Acharya asked if he made announcements. He explained that he only said not to support das tradition and to speak to father. Mahamatya told that he should remember that he was not an ordinary citizen and had no idea how it could be misused and if Samrat found out he would be hurt and went to cool down citizens.

Siamak was glad that they would be busy with internal problems and will not focus on Unani army coming. Sushim talked to Charu about Ashoka misusing the powers and intentionally said in Bindu’s room. Charu complimented her not to leave his Father’s side and said that he wanted to show citizens that Samrat has no rights to stately matters. Bindu heard and was angry.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th March 2016

Everyone gathered in courtroom and demanded justice. Ashok tried to keep them cool and said he didn’t pass any orders. They demanded to meet Samrat. He said he was unwell. Siamak pointed that it would take time for Samrat to get well and till citizens would be in loss. They all spoke against Ashoka and wanted a decision.

Dharma told Bindu to rest as it was not the right time to get up. He said that she should make her son understand this.

Ashok stated that he only said what he felt. Sushim said that servents have taken his words seriously and questioned him that how could he challenge old tradition. Ashoka stated that we had to change with time. Sushim said he knows the reason to ban this tradition as he was also Daasi-Putra. Ashok angrily called him. Bindu came and signaled Shubrasi and Charu. Dharma also came.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th March 2016

Bindu asked Ashok if that was the reason to be Yuvraj. Mahamatya thanked him on the behalf of traders for coming. Ashoka gave the logic that he wanted everyone to be equal and duty of state is to protect weak ones also. They heard some cheering for Bindusara and Ashok. Everyone went out to see Daas gathered.

Mahamatya said that Ashoka had put them in dilemma. Sushim reasoned that we could get tax from traders. Acharya-Gupta stated that they should help people facing injustice. Ashok suggested paying loan through treasury to dealers.

Bindu said that there is only one option and favored Ashoka. Charu, Sushim and Siamak spoke against Bindu. Ashoka holds Bindu and Bindu pushed him away and said he would get punishment and asked him to not to give any suggestion in stately matters.

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