Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th March 2016: Bindusara Gains Conscious; Sushim Takes Advantage Of Ashoka’s Absence

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2016

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th March 2016Charu, sushim and Siamak’s words echoed in Bindu’s head. He holds his chest and fell dowm in the corridor. Dharma and Ashok came rushing. Others also came. Siamak came to meet Helena and told her everything that happened. (check: Chakravarti Ashok Samrat 28th Mar. 2016.)

Helena was happy and said there was no better news than this. Ashoka made it all possible, and the dispute between father and son would help them. Bindu is unwell, and treasury is also less so they wouuldn’t be able to face the Unani army. It was the perfect time to attack.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th March 2016

Rajvaid said that he told to keep Samrat away from stress, and he could n’t tell before Samrat gains conscious. Sushim was angry that why couldn’t he got anything right as he tried to kill Samrat by Ashok. And now Samrat would die to give all rights to Ashoka. (watch: CAS All Episodes.)

Mahamatya said he would end their story as he ended Das tradition. Sushim thought of tantric. Tantric slapped Sushim as he questioned his capability by asking the same questions and asked to wait for the moment. Sushim deduced that father wouldn’t die.

Dharma and Ashok kept a wet cloth on Bindu’s head turn by turn. Nicator vow to take everything. He had to take revenge from Bindu for what he did to his daughter. Mir also wanted to settle dues with Patliputra.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th March 2016

Nicator asked commander to ready 10k army soldiers. Mir suggested making it sudden so that Magadh wouldn’t be prepared as they needed an excuse. Nicator said that they would play Holi with blood and would kill Ashok first.

Dharma and Ashoka stick to Bindu’s side. They fell asleep. Next day was woken by Subhrasi. Dharma checked his temperature. Helena was curious as what his father planned. Nicator army was ready.

Bindu hadn’t woken since many days. Ashoka was concerned, and Dharma assured that he would be fine. She said that he would forgive you for knowing how much he took care. A soldier came to inform that Raj Vaid called them.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th March 2016

Sushim, Charu and Mahamatya came to the room. Sushim remarked that his father is stubborn. He tried to hurt him but couldn’t, and his heart got weak when he heard against Ashoka. Charu said she wanted to free him from all pain.

Bindu opened his eyes then. Charu and Sushim were taken aback. Bindu asked for water, Sushim gave. Mahamatya said that thanked God that Sushim and Charu were with him when no one was around and went to inform everyone.

Dharma came to meet Bindu. Ashok praised God. Sushim had hit bull’s eye then. Dharma asked about Bindu’s health. He replied he was fine and withdrew his hand from her. She said that she knew he was upset from Ashoka and was to explain everything when Bindu asked for a favour not to let him come in front of him and said he did wrong making him Yuvraj. Kaurvaki heard everything outside. Ashoka hid behind the pillar as his mother came out. Kaurvaki and Ashoka noticed each other.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th March 2016

Charu told Bindu to rest. Sushim, Siamak and Mahamatya left to do some work. Bindu angrily throws the glass. Ashoka looked hurt. Kaurvaki knocked his door. Bindu mistook it to Ashok and said that I told your mother not to let you come. She stated Samrat. He let her come. She stated that he was mistaken in understanding Ashoka.

He said he could not be mistaken. She reasoned that the truth can challenge lie. He got angry. She apologized as she thought he had the patience to listen. He allowed her to speak.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th March 2016

She said that none took care of him except Ashoka when he was unconscious and said we should understand the motive behind karma as she made the same mistake when she saw him as Maurya, her enemy. His life had only one motto-to fulfill Guru’s expectations and to live upto parents’ expectations. Dharma heard everything outside.

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