Commando 2 Second Day Collections and Box Office Earnings Report

Commando 2 collections continue to perform better than other average budget releases of this month. Check how much Commando 2 collections has earned during the period of two days. Film released on Friday got huge appreciation from critics around the world for acting of Vidyut and Adah.

Vidyut’s Commando 2 is winning hearts across the country. The film released with limited expectations got huge appreciation from movie critics worldwide with sevre criticism for overstretching many scenes with no actual use

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Commando 2 collections

1st Day Box Office Earnings of Movie: 4.5 crore rupees on Friday

2nd Day Box Office Earnings of Commando 2: 6.5 crores on Saturday

There were not big expectations from Commando 2 collections as the first installment of the movie was also equally not a big success on the box office. We can’t expect the movie to cross tha mark of 50 crores on box office even if able to get huge appreciation from audience.

The movie’s positive reviews helped in taking a big jump on box office on Saturday because of weekend as the main reason. The opening day Commando 2 collections were firm and below the par level. Generally the movies with this level release and advertising budget cross 7 crore.

Occupancy rate of 15% was seen in Multiplexes while Single screens got at least double of the same rate with 40% rate around various cinemas in India.

Commando 2 First day collection performed strictly average on the box office. With occupancy rate of not more than 15% on the release. Vidyut’s limited fan following proved a challenge. Movie minted out a figure of 4.5 crores on Friday which was not a positive signal for fickle’s future.

Movie never went out of the class in Urban Cities while continue to deal with limited growth in rural areas. Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur observed comparitivly greater fill out rate.

Commando 2 collections on the second day was good then of previous day because of elections in Uttar Pradesh and weekend holiday itself. Earnings from UP are enough to make a better change in film’s future. Commando 2nd day collections were a little better with 20% occupancy in Multiplexes and 45% in single screens and earnings of 6.5 crore rupees.

As it 2 day earnings, the movie minted out 11 crore rupees which is never good to compete with the budget of 20 crore rupees but can still be a proved profitable deal in long run.

The movie didn’t get much response from overseas earnings but a report is expected by the end of first week.

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