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DABH 17th Oct: In the Diya Aur Baati Hum saturday episode, Sandhya and Sooraj got married again, now the question is who will be the wife of Sooraj, Sooraj have one day to decide in DABH.

Sooraj and Bharat was too much happy because of safe return of Sandhya and completion of the mission Mahabali, Sooraj told Bharat that he can marry her every time he will reborn. Sandhya and Sooraj got a glimpse of smile when the girls in front of them were dancing in the song of ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. Sandhya was in yellow saree and then a girl came and applied haldi to her. Sooraj starts dreaming of their together life.

Diya Aur Baati Hum (DABH) 17th Oct 2015 | Saturday Episode

Sooraj enlighten up the diya remembering Sandhya and thinks that she is the only one in his mind. Sooraj blushes, meanwhile the mehendi rituals are done and Sandhya comes in green lehenga. As per the traditions, Sooraj name was on her mehendi and she shy after seeing that. Sooraj finds his name in the mehendi and hugs her after finding it. Bharat comes with Sooraj the groom, Sandhya also comes in bridal dress and they dances together. They do the rituals of the marriage together and kissed each other on hands.[Diya Aur Baati Hum title song is still playing till now]

Bhabho was packing the bag of Lalima, Babasa tells her to rethink about it. Bhabho told him to keep the believes away from him as she have full faith in it and if he doesn’t have a part of faith, he should rethink again. As no one can ignore what is written in fate. Bhabho says that now the eldest bahu is going to enter in the house. Ved comes and hugs Babasa and informs him about his mot her coming.

Emily was doing arrangements for Sandhya’s entrance in the house. Bhabho tells them to be quicker as her eldest bahu can enter in the house any moment. Bhabho orders Meenakshi to show respect to her. Meenakshi tells her not to worry about it. Bhabho told something about truth will prevail today, Meenakshi wonders. Meanwhile Mohit informs that Sandhya is almost here.

Sandhya comes in the door of the house with Sandhya, Neighbors and family members welcomed her. Sandhya was spellbound of coming home after 8 months. Sooraj and Sandhya goes of to the rickshaw together and answers some questions of the neighbors

Meenakshi informs the whole family that they have arrived, Bhabho comes and hugs Sooraj only, Sandhya goes emotional after seeing her family after a long time. Sandhya almost fall in tears. Bhabho was also in tears after seeing Sandhya again. Bhabho goes to bring the Aarti plate, Sandhya tries to enter in the house. Meenakshi pranks and tell her that she couldn’t enter in house.Sandhya left stunned.

[Last Episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum]

Then Meenakshi informs her to do the rituals first before entering in the house. Meenakshi asks Sooraj for the money as gratuitous payment of seeing after long time. Lalima also enters just there in the bridal dress, Sooraj and Meenakshi left stunned after seeing her. Lokesh comes, Meenakshi shouts Bhabho to come. Lokesh comes and introduces Lalima as wife of Sooraj and take her in the house. Sandhya remain totally stunned.

Sooraj was about to fall and Sandhya and Lalima saved her with one hand in the Sandhya’s hand and one in the Lalima’s hand. He took his hand out of Lalima’s and informs Sandhya that it’s a lie. Bhabho tells that now truth will prevail in front of everyone. Sandhya was about to cry.

[Diya Aur Baati Hum Special Episode]

Bhabho gives one day time to decide Sooraj that who will be her wife.

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  1. All viewers are disturbed. Please don’t stretch this issue. Get sandhya and Sooraj back and change the track to a positive note.
    This Bhabho and lalima are getting on everybody’s nerves.
    Please move lalima out of the show

  2. What a Freak Show!! Bhabho the Bitch is back in action to disrupt her son’s happy wedded life. Just kick her out of the show. Ungrateful woman, has she forgotton who saved her life by donating a Kidney?? this is no small act of generosity but a life saver. Who the hell is she to ask Suraj to decide on his bride. Is she so dumb ??? Suraj and Sandhya are married and share a beautiful child. Idiotic Directors to begin with where are you leading the viewer to???? Absurd- this is like on YMT where viewers were asking for the boycotting of viewers when they objected to the surrogacy.

  3. Yes I also agrees…please bring sooraj and sandhya together. .we are not enjoying the show now a days with lalima entry

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