Dangal 2nd / 3rd Day Collection 1st Weekend / Saturday /Sunday Box Office Total Report: Aamir Khan Film Witnesses Superb Occupancy Worldwide

Dangal 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Dangal 1st Sunday / Weekend Box Office
Dangal 15th Day Collection 15 Days Dangal 3rd Friday Box Office Report

Dangal 2nd / 3rd Day Collection 2 / 3 Days Dangal 1st Saturday / Sunday / Weekend Box Office Report: Aamir Khan movie Dangal collection during the first two days on Indian Box Office: It’s the second day of the film at the BO. The very first opening day went really well as the flick scores an excellent score on working weekday.

Check out Dangal second-day collection in this post. The next two days of the weekend are definitely bigger for Dangal collection as the film is going to decide its fortune. Produced on a whopping budget of 75 crore rupees, the film had already bagged 75 crore rupees as broadcasting rights money from Zee Studios.

Dangal 2nd Day Collection

2 Days Dangal 1st Saturday Box Office Report

Dangal collections on the 2nd day mostly depend on the closing of the year and workload in Indian offices. Since the year is coming to an end, Aamir Khan must be hoping for a great fortune. After releasing Ghajini in 2008, Aamir decided to book the end week of each year for himself, and he was entirely consistent with this. 3 idiots, Dhoom 3 and PK, all superhit films released during the last week of the year.

The collections are expected to be better than any other films which were released earlier this year. The primary challenge will be Sultan. The movie collection might not be able to beat the earnings of Salman Khan’s film on the opening Friday, but the overseas earnings are expected to perform better than the average ones.

Dangal 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Dangal 1st Saturday Box Office Report

The occupancy on the 1st Friday was spectacular for Dangal collection in most of the theaters. Multiplexes received a better response than mass centers during the opening. The movie also got the biggest release till date in more than 4500 screens around the country. It’s believed that demonetization hit is not expected to affect the box office earnings of movie much.

Average fill out rate of 25% was observed during the opening shows which went high to 65% during the night shows. A clear response was whopping from metro cities, and it seems fans of Aamir Khan were all the way waiting for the movie. Coming to the charts, a trend above 25% from the standard rate were seen in the cities as compared to rural areas.

Dangal 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Dangal 1st Saturday Box Office Report

The response from tier 2 cities was also good. Dangal box office Collection on the 2nd day stays strong in important cities including Jaipur, Amritsar, and Lucknow. First-day earnings of movie crossed the mark of Aamir Khan’s release last year. PK earned ₹26.63 during the first Friday as BO earnings.

However, Dangal collections goes a level up with more than 33 crore rupees during the first-day income. A drop is very much expected on Saturday.

Friday earning trends were better than of Dangal Collection on the 2nd day. It was basically because of two reasons; fan viewership was available on the release day. Since it’s Christmas on 25th, weekend planners prefer the holiday date in order not to waste one day. Such type of trends is definitely going to affect the overall earnings.

Dangal 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Dangal 1st Saturday Box Office Report

Dangal Saturday Collection is expected to end up being around 25 crore rupees. The opening shows observed an occupancy of 35% while the advancing booking trends indicated that overall fill out rate would be 45%. Early ticket booking in cinema chains is judging a never before experience for Bollywood.

Aamir Khan got a great buzz in the international market. The increasing popularity of actor will be a definite point in ranking better than the competitors. PK had done a great business in International market including countries like UAE, China, and Pakistan.

The movie gets a free promotion at no extra cost with the appreciation from the worldwide critics. It releases in more than 1200 screens overseas along with the Indian market.

Dangal 2nd Day Collection 2 Days Dangal 1st Saturday Box Office Report
Producer Aamir Khan
Release Date 23rd December
Run Time 161 Minutes
Screen Count 3800
First Day Collection Rs. 29.78 Crores

Dangal 1st Day Box Office Collection – Rs. 29.78 cr

Dangal 2nd Day Collection – Rs. 29.78 cr

Dangal 3rd day collection – Rs. 40 cr (early estimates)

Dangal Worldwide Collection – Rs. 15 cr (overseas) + Rs. 106.60 cr (domestic)

2 Days Dangal 1st Saturday Box Office Report

Coming to the trends, our overseas sources are indicating a whopping response and USA and UAE-GCC countries. Dangal 1st-weekend collection/earnings from the overseas market are largely going to change overall earnings for the film.

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