Dangal Review and Movie Rating

Dangal 26th Day Collection 4th Tuesday Box Office Report
Dangal 26th Day Collection 4th Tuesday Box Office Report

Dangal Review Rating: Dangal movie finally made its way theaters with Aamir Khan playing the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat. Aamir was in much controversy last year because of his ‘PK’ film and comments on intolerance. He got major setback because of a portion of media.

Mr. Perfectionist is now coming up with a story touching various social issues in one go. The film touches women empowerment, the importance of sports and education. Check out the Dangal review in the post below, how the film performed on our expectations.

Dangal Review

Aamir Khan is very vicious in his role. Being in the center of attraction, he got the big responsibility to share the stage equally with Sakshi and Sanya. The cinematography of Salman Khan’s Sultan proved as a challenge which was competed very well in Dangal. The scenes of fight pits were recorded as they should. Since it was Aamir Khan film, minor details like an expression of supporting actors were also to the surmise.

Coming to the acting, Aamir Khan didn’t compromise by just adopting a fake pack of body weight to do the shooting. The actor actually gained weight, and it does help in filming the scenes better. The efforts and expressions are seamlessly perfect. The most important part is that the actor doesn’t only highlighted the good but also done same with the bad side.

Dangal Review Rating

Fatima Sana Shaikh who is playing the role of Mahavir’s daughter Geeta, gone through the complete makeover changing the slight details. There are a number of scenes which couldn’t be picked up by body doubles, and she was perfect in them.

Child actresses Suhani Bhatnagar and Zaira Wasim were literally beautiful in their roles. The way young talent connects with the storyline was beyond awesome. It appears director Nitesh Tiwari had made the girls literally run for some scenes to show the hard work they are doing.

Dangal Review Rating

The storyline of Dangal has no plot being a biographical sports drama film. Aamir Khan is playing the role of more Hitler in the movie being not the hero 

of the storyline. Being an only male actor in the spotlight, the starlight on female stars could be clearly observed. Being a home production of Aamir Khan, the film got an extensive budget and shooted with upscale production.

Dangal movie highlights the story of the different type of people. The first one is the kids who are suffering from the pain to complete father’s dreams. A Lady who is bound to follow all the instructions of her husband without giving any advice. A man who is broken by heart with flame in his mind. The society who is not ready to accept girls as wrestlers and the neighbors who feel uncomfortable in every situation.

Dangal Review Rating

This is definitely an entertaining movie, direction and cinematography are also perfect. The only battle Dangal loose is in its storyline. Film was surprisingly extended for 2h 49m for no good reason. The facts in the story are limited, but the director keeps on extending the things for no good reason. A clear, simple 2-hour film should be enough to showcase all the content in any other scenario.

The first half of the movie is entertaining and full of introduction. The second half concedes with the conclusion. Overall, the second half was much better than the first part. Only half of the beginning portion of the first half could be termed as level playing.

dangal review

Dangal Rating

The film focusses on many issues like Education, Women Empowerment, Politics, and Society. The ending is great as ever. Running time of the movie has been extended too much for nothing. Below the earlier work of actor like PK and 3 idiots. Must watch this weekend. (8/10 stars).

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