Dear Zindagi 10th Day Collection 2nd Sunday / Weekend Box Office Report: Alia Bhatt Film Scored Extraordinary Points

Dear Zindagi 13th Day Box Office Collection and Earnings Report

Dear Zindagi 10th Day Collection 10 Days DZ 2nd Sunday / Weekend Box Office Report: Dear Zindagi movie of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt had left a never ending footprint at the box office. The film was released with fewer expectations and SRK in the cameo type role.


Dear Zindagi collection didn’t receive a good response to its opening day collection, but slowly and gradually figures improve. The film had suffered a loss of almost 60% in earnings because of demonetization hit. Dear Zindagi box office collection continues to hold strong in single screens and multiplexes as well. The movie was released for very specific and targeted audience.

Dear Zindagi Collection

With the positive reviews floating in, the movie is going for a grand opening. Another factor which is largely affecting Dear Zindagi box office collection is the release of no real film from more than past three weeks. Rock On 2 and Force 2 was a big flop at the BO, and treatment is expected now.

The film continues to perform for more than 3 days in a row. The movie was definite hit as Bollywood had faced repeated flops once after another. Among the 1200 screens in India, almost 800 screens were from the multiplexes. The 400 single screens didn’t receive as much response. Along with that DearZindagi was released in over 154 theaters in the overseas market.

The producers had decided not to run off for many numbers of screens. It was a strategy to mint out the maximum occupancy with efficiency. It’s also an interesting fact about it is that film earnings keep on growing for all the three days. The successive rate indicated a good opportunity for SRK who didn’t experience this much increment with past films.

Dear Zindagi 8th Day Collection 8 Days DZ 2nd Friday Box Office Report

Dear Zindagi first weekend collection also arrived as good news for Alia Bhatt too. She had seen in many hit movies. Being one of the most prepossessing actresses in the entire industry, she enjoys a greater opportunity. There are times when one needs to prove herself, and it’s the time when Alia had established herself in a film where she is the real sensation of Bollywood.

Day 1 – Friday: 8.75 crore
Day 2 – Saturday: 11.25 crore
Day 3 – Sunday: 13 crore
Day 4 – Monday – Rs. 4.25 cr
5th Day Collection – Rs 4 cr
6th Day Collection – Rs. 3.25 cr
Day 7 – Rs. 2.9 cr
Day 8 – Rs. 2.25 crore
Dear Zindagi 9th Day Collection – Rs. 3.35 cr
Dear Zindagi 10th Day Collection – Rs. 4 cr (early estimates)

Dear Zindagi Collection – Box Office Domestic: Rs. 52.75 Crore 

Dear Zindagi Collection – Box Office Overseas: Rs 29.5 Crore

Total – Rs. 80.25 cr (worldwide)

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The flick stays strong on Day 1 in many metro cities. A huge occupancy was seen in many important cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The response from states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab was also at par. The overall fill up rate on the first day was 25% which was grown to 33% during the second day. The third day fill up rate was really mind blowing as a touched mark of 45% occupancy.

Dear Zindagi 8th Day Collection 8 Days DZ 2nd Friday Box Office Report

Overall occupancy during the first day was around 35% in most of the theaters having a lot of seats pre-booked. Reliance Big Pictures were the distributors. Dear Zindagi collection was able to get their name in the first list of the top releases this week which is again a significant aspect.

On the first day, Dear Zindagi collection were 8.75 crore rupees in total which was grown to 25% on the day 2. On Saturday, the film had earned a figure of 11.25 crore rupees which is great considering the size of release. The weekend ends up very well with earnings of almost 13 crores as the third-day income.

Overall during the first weekend, Dear Zindagi collection had reached the level of 33 crore net during the first week. Along with the earnings in India, the film had minted out a significant amount of money from overseas specifically from the United States and UAE too. The GCC countries are always a better charm for Bollywood movies and a bonus when it comes to Shah Rukh Khan.

Dear Zindagi 8th Day Collection and Box Office earnings report

There stood lined up events in the US which had resulted in the earlier. Thanksgiving day and the Black Friday were the main reason for the previous release in the overseas market. As producers cared about the privacy, The film not released in any other country which had made possible an outstanding response in India.

Dear Zindagi collection was good during the weekdays too. The movie holds up a level of 4 crores during the initial days which was dropped to 3 crores during the last weekdays of 1st week.

DearZindagi had also earned over $1,502,078 from the United States which are approx 6 crore rupees opening weekend earnings. This is the highest ever international weekend gross for Alia Bhatt from a single country in her entire career.

Along with the same, the film was successful in reaching the level of 2.8 million $ from Overseas countries. DZ collection had reached out the level of 27 crores from the overseas which is not just big; it’s impressive.

Over the period of 8 days, Dear Zindagi collection had successfully reached the level of 78 crores lifetime earnings. It’s very much precedent that the movie will earn 100 crores as lifetime box office collections.

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